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Virgo Love Friday 10th August 2018

You might remember that Neptune is presently passing through your opposite sign of Pisces. Next weekend that planet makes brilliant aspect with Jupiter. This combination has a justified reputation for bringing with it a very positive romantic wave. That this event coincides with Mercury, your ruling planet, coming to his direct station, suggests that your romantic life could take off at speed from next weekend. The stage though should be set at this weekend's Solar Eclipse. This is a special kind of New Moon that brings with it fresh energy. As it's followed a day or so later by Mars' return to the 'affairs of the hear't zone of your solar chart, suggests interesting developments - including the need to restore, repair and recharge existing partnerships or, the potential for attracting and making new connection. In this, it would be unsurprising if you were drawn to those presently focused on improving their physical fitness. Indeed, it could be that whilst engaged in competitive sport, you make that all-important connection.