Aquarius Monthly June 2024

A rare alignment that puts many planets into the risk and speculation area of your solar chart, suggests a potential financial tightrope. Since the start of 2024 when Pluto entered your sign, your world has likely been subjected to upheaval. It's imperative now to think differently. Yet that's generally not an easy challenge for those of your sign. Forward-thinking you may be, but your resistance levels are likely to rise when confronted if uprooting is suggested. True, your ability to project management will be to the fore and should be exciting. Nevertheless, the speed at which decisions have to be taken could be unsettling. Take particular care midmonth when all signs could be experience the equivalent of a financial banana skin. Your personal trading skills are much to the fore in the last 10 days of the month when, after the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Cancer, determining what you want to keep and restore and what could be released into other care yet put cash into your bank account takes priority. It may be that these monies could be used to finance self investment and even launch a new career.