Aquarius Weekly Sunday 26th November 2023

Monday's Full Moon is in another of the Air signs where it accents the research and development area of your solar chart. Is there a project being prepared for launch? Take your time. Mercury will turn retrograde in a couple of weeks and revisions will be necessary. Yours is not a sign known for dotting the i's and crossing the t's carefully. You need assistance. This should come from a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Yes, the latter gets a bad press for losing things, but they can be absolutely brilliant editors and counsellors. This might not be the easiest of weeks when it seems that more people are criticising your actions than supporting them. They may though, be acting in your best interests - aware that you're now moving to a new phase. Remember, Pluto the planet of regeneration is moving from Capricorn where it's been since 2007 and crossing over to your sign. This is like moving from one ocean current to another and needs to be done carefully to avoid capsize.