Aquarius Weekly Sunday 21st July 2024

Mars joins Jupiter already travelling through the research and development area of your solar chart. It does so at this Sunday's Full Moon. So yes, anticipate marked change of pace as of Monday. You are likely to be super busy and tasked to implement some of the ideas you proposed at the start of the year. Let's hope that you've thought these through! It's entirely (though much depends on your personal chart), that you have grand plans. Do you have the team around you that would see these through to the finish? It may be that you've assumed talents that are yet there. Incubating and dealing with a degree of obstruction in the first part of the week is probable (the incubation bit comes from accepting the fact that it could take a few months for certain individuals to comply with your way of working). Obstruction might take the form of powerplay. Negotiating these hurdles will likely challenge your diplomatic skills.