Aquarius Yearly 2024

Between March and June 2023 you were given a hint of the transformation that will need to take place as Pluto moves through your sign. On January 20th, that planet aligns with the Sun in your sign for the first time in a couple of centuries. Whatever your actual birth date, that is likely to be at key weekend. Yours is a sign known for needing to do its own thing: you march to the beat of a different drum and can apply yourself to future trends. Indeed, it could be said that you have an instinctive ability to hone in to where the world is headed. So yes, in 2024, you could gain enormous power. There’s more though: in late April, Jupiter and Uranus (the latter one of your ruling planets) align at the base of your solar chart. This is the property and family area. Whether driven by developments in your career or an expanding family, this marks the beginning of a 12 year journey. Upheaval is more likely than not. The demands of those younger may be key factors. Whatever, by the solar Eclipse on October 2, it should be clear that your world has altered – dramatically. Transformation will continue into 2025. Fasten your seat belt for an exciting ride.


As you might imagine, the combination of Jupiter and Uranus aligning at the base of your chart is like putting rocket fuel into your tank. You could well go off at a tangent and surprise others in 2024. The eclipses in late March and April set the scene. There is high probability that others will be moving on – leaving gaps that you could fill. However, it’s probable that you will need to learn new skills. As of May 26, Jupiter moves into another of the Air signs and your ability to soak up information will be enhanced. It’s entirely possible that by the solar eclipse on October 2, that you have the required information so that you can move into a new career zone. Yes, there could be a lumpy start in that Mars (moving through your opposite sign) could bring challenges in the early days of November. Yet this is what life is about. You may well embrace the challenge, even if it involves a power struggle with someone unhappy at your new role (which they may feel should have been offered to them). This will surely test your diplomatic skills.


Exciting as 2024 should prove to be, it could nevertheless require that you limit or be acutely aware of your financial management. Yours is a sign that can be careless in this area. Yet with property demanding attention and the probable need to invest even more into your career, you have to give cash flow full focus. Whilst interest rates are unlikely to rise in 2024, this should only be viewed as a pause in the proceedings. From 2025, through until the end of the decade, these costs are likely to rise and arguably imperative that you focus on building a safety net. Given the likely very high expenses through May, giving attention to this area would be wise in the first quarter of the year. In the last quarter, it’s your romantic life that could prove most expensive. Again, it’s important to have a safety net and to this end, be careful how you apportion cash through the summer months.


If you keep a record of all the years in your life, 2024 is sure to stand out. Jupiter continues its journey across the base of your solar chart. This happens for approximately one year in every 12. This is the year when you want more. Your emotional, financial and more-of- everything needs increase. Indeed, by May 26, the craving for fun and romance should be super high. This – a highly attractive vibration should leave you spoilt for choice through the summer months. Greatest romantic activity is most likely to come after the Solar Eclipse on October 2. Within a few weeks of that event Mars arrives in your opposite sign and at that point it’s probable that someone will want to share long-term plans. Will you be ready? It could be unsettling. Remember, yours is one of the Air signs and you don’t pin down easily. It is easily possible that the close of 2024 will find you central to a major romantic storm that doesn’t settle until after your birthday in 2025.


You may know that each sign is associated with a particular area of the body. For Aquarius, this is the ankle area. It’s arguably important that Aquarians are careful with their weight as weight-bearing could be come an issue. Given the transformation that is likely to come with Pluto’s arrival in your sign, giving thought to how you look after yourself, would be super wise. One of Pluto’s tasks is to regenerate. This, together with Chiron (the planetoid associated with health now moving through Aries, and drawing attention to the head area), indicates the need for clean, fresh air, and that you’re given adequate sanctuary time so that your brain isn’t put under too much pressure. Arguably the trickiest period will come in November. In preparation and with an abundance of caution, it might be wise to do what you can to support your mental fitness.


The combination of Jupiter and Uranus aligning at the base of your solar chart suggests fireworks in the family area. Of course, this could be exciting. It may be property related. These two planets together can be thought of as a firework. They can bring extravagance eye-catching and usually celebratory needs. Events are likely to be fast moving. Indeed, throughout May, you could be rushing around almost like a headless chicken adjusting to new circumstances. This hopefully will be thrilling. Obviously much depends on your personal chart, but the likelihood is that you will be tuning into the idea of a grand adventure. These two planets have never aligned in this area of your chart in your lifetime. This is new fresh and brilliant energy. Obviously much depends on your age, but it might be helpful to think back to 2001 when a similar alignment on the identical degree marshalled the need for altered behaviour. How well did you cope with that? Can you use that earlier experience to better negotiate the challenges of 2024.

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