Aquarius Yearly 2023

You may be relieved to know that Saturn leaves your sign on March 7. Throughout 2022, that planet was at right angles to Uranus (your other ruling planet), and you’ve no doubt been pulled this way and that. Saturn’s entry into an area of your chart associated with financial matters provides drama of a different kind. Also in March 2023, Pluto arrives in your sign. You haven’t lived through this before. In fact, you’d need to go back a quarter of a millennium to find individuals who had. This represents massive change for all Aquarius. Obviously much depends on your personal chart, but, if you were born at the beginning of that sign, then you should anticipate upheaval. Re-rooting though will be a common theme for all Aquarians and super challenging between May 17 and June 10 when becoming familiar with new financial rules could prove to taxing (perhaps even in the literal sense). And then there’s August when Venus turns retrograde in your opposite sign. This will likely bring yet another kind of turbulence. Of course you might welcome this as sometimes it’s necessary for there to be a storm before the strength of the union is discovered. Whatever, by the last quarter of 2023, you should be firmly established in new surroundings, enjoying new prospects, and yes, familiarising yourself with a new romantic landscape.


Obviously much depends on your actual birth date, but there is every likelihood of Aquarius’ career direction altering substantially in 2024. Repositioning from March is probable. But yes, this could bring with it significant financial challenge. It would be understandable if, by the time Venus turned retrograde in August, you wondered if you’ve made an incorrect move. yet it should be remembered that any new business takes at least two years to get off the ground. Even if you’re not forming a new business, you should allow yourself two years to put down secure roots. What’s probable, is that by the time Mars reaches the apex of your solar chart in October, that your perspective on your career and indeed your work-life pattern, will be substantially altered. Travel promises to be a greater feature from May 17. This should bring with it ample opportunity to network. Indeed, when you eventually write your career history, you might agree that 2024, was the year when many doors opened.


Your financial world could be dramatically shaken particularly between May 17 and June 10. It’s during those few weeks that with Jupiter at the base of your solar chart and Pluto moving through your sign, you will likely need extra financial advice. For some, this will involve wills, testaments and estate planning. Others may find that taxation rules become a burden. Of course, for a few, there could be huge bonuses. Either way, the focus is very much on financial matters and developing acumen in this area. Expenses could loom large throughout August. For reasons quite beyond your control, the cash flow might then be challenging. It could take until mid October before the flow is manageable. In short, 2024 promises to be a year of considerable turbulence. The first hints of this could arrive around the Full Moon on February 5. It would be wise to then take stock and ensure that a safety net is put firmly in place. Having access to emergency funds in August would surely be wise.


Turbulence is to be expected- and starting at the Full Moon on February 5. This marks a significant turning point for all relationships. You may been preparing for this for months. Then, as both Saturn and Pluto move to new areas of the zodiac in March, more developments could threaten even the strongest of unions. This will presumably prompt thoughts of just how committed you are or wish to be. These unions could be tested again as Venus turns retrograde in your opposite sign in August. And yes, this probably all does sound bleak and difficult. For those who are in long-term partnership, this is is all about testing the strength of your union. For those embarking on fresh partnership, it’s also about finding out more about your differing codes of being. What seems certain is that by the solar eclipse mid October, is that the landscape of your romantic world will be much altered – which could be exciting. It is further possible that in the last quarter of the year, you will give thought about how you can advance your environment together possibly including a property move or even, for some, rebuilding a home.


It’s sign of the zodiac is associated with a particular area of the body. Aquarius is linked to the ankles and to some extent the bone structure. With Pluto beginning its long transit of your sign from late March, it might be wise to give careful thought to how you protect this area of the body. That’s not to suggest that any harm will come to it, but looking after that area would surely be wise. Of more immediate concern though, is the opposite end the head. Yours is one of the air signs of the zodiac and always you have much to think about. In a year when your career and family roots are likely to be shaken, that part of the body could come under considerable stress. Eating foods that look after the brain would surely be wise. You might also need to consider very carefully, your nervous system and how it can be better supported. Given that many Aquarians will be doing more travel than usual, think to about the air quality of the places you visit. As we all know, we were advised to wear masks during Covid 19. This medicine is something to consider yet again throughout 2024 when the toxicity and poor air quality could prove challenging.


It’s family finances that are likely to have SO much of your attention in 2023. Developments in your career could have knock-on effect. There might also be concern for a Taurus, Virgo and Libra relative who, in different ways struggle with change. Change of scene (holidays) are vital and though not always easy to arrange, could result in resolve to meet certain individuals more regularly. With estate planning (will, legacies) also requiring review and attention, the close of 2023 could find you valuing assets and property in ways that in 2022 were unthinkable.

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