Aries Monthly July 2024

Not all degrees of the zodiac are equal. One of the most important is the one that begins your sign. If you lived anywhere other than Earth, this degree would not be so important. As you know, it marks an equinox: a beginning. Neptune is now within four minutes - a small fraction of a degree of this World Axis. Neptune brings vision. Don't be surprised if others look to you for leadership even if you're not entirely sure which way you are going. You could argue that your cosmic mission papers haven't yet arrived. The quest for finding these could yet prove expensive. Until July 21, Mars is moving through one of the key finance zones of your solar chart and yes, there may be far more going out than coming in. To avoid a panic as you try to balance the books from Friday 26th, it would surely be wise to set aside a time each week to assess your position. With the assistance of an adviser, you could make an astute call around the First Quarter Moon on July 13: effectively plugging a financial leak. A slow drip investment that's been going on for the last few years could yet realise reward but necessitate investment in design - whiuch might be the optimum way to use any extra funds this month.