Aries Monthly November 2023

You probably know that you need to rein in spending. Developing creative pursuits in recent weeks has no doubt been expensive. Now you know you need to call a halt - at least temporarily. Saturn comes to its station - coinciding with the last Quarter Moon on 5th when focusing on savings would be wise. This needn't be a long-term action, and with others likely spurring you on to new adventures, you will surely want to spend again and again. It would be wise to first of all check or create that 'piggybank' (nest egg). You perhaps also need to consider investments. What might suit is to focus on energy companies. By the time that Mars reaches another of the Fire signs on 24th, you could then come out fighting - hopefully with a safety net in place. One possibility is making savings at the start of the month so that you can afford to undertake a training course that would be concluded within a matter of weeks, but give you more earning power in 2024.

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