Aries Monthly April 2024

Mercury, the planet associated with commercial dealings, turns retrograde on April 1st and in your sign. It appears to be moving backwards until the last day of the month. Don't for one minute think that you will be doing the same. Fact is that on April 8 there is a solar Eclipse - a sophisticated kind of new Moon - in your sign. This does indeed represent a fresh start. Yet just as if you were planting a seed, you would have to break through the soil -preparation is needed. On April 20, Jupiter and Uranus will align in one of the key financial sectors of your solar chart. They have not done this before in your lifetime. This too represents a new beginning. Yours is a sign with a reputation for being rash, instinctive and yes, at times impulsive. Think carefully about where you want to plant that seed. Make sure that it is sheltered and protected. This month is all about laying down foundations on which you can build. A key moment could come between 10th and 14th when what presents as an opportunity could be just that. However, it would still be wise to take advice. What seems likely is that by the end of the month you will have put your financial wheels onto new track altogether.