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Cancer – a Water and Cardinal sign. Approx 20 June – 21 July

  • Ruling Planet: Moon
  • Day of the Week: Monday
  • Colour: Blue
  • Gemstone: Moonstone


Cancer is the first of the Water signs of the Zodiac. Those born under these signs are generally noted for their sensitivity. In the case of Cancerians this is usually directed towards those closest and dearest to them. Cancer is the nurturing side of the Zodiac. These people are driven by the need to look after things; whether it be an antique, a business, a plant, a baby or an old friend. They have the happy knack of making other people feel special. Cancerians are ruled by the Moon whose ‘face’ changes nightly. They are often seen as moody or changeable. They can sense the change of mood in a room but may be unable to tell whether this is caused by another person’s mood, or a change in the Earth’s atmosphere. They usually have fantastic imagination and are expressive when talking about feelings or emotions. Cancerians tend to be security conscious and need to feel safe on every possible level. They can become overly dependent on others and have been described as ‘cling-ons’. They are usually family orientated and have a strong sense of their place in the world. This can manifest as strong patriotism or a particular affinity with a particular place or area. Because they enjoy feeling connected to both things and people, they tend to be great collectors. They are particularly attracted to items that have history. As a consequence they may be drawn to antiques or old properties.


Cancerian friendships usually stand the test of time. A common way for them to nurture others is through food. The Cancerian kitchen may be a homely place where others gather. They enjoy having photographs around them and occasionally have phenomenal emotional memory. They can remember almost every detail of a special event even down to the food that was served. Even the office desk may be a place of memorabilia. Familiarity is important to them and it is not easy for them to change a habit once ingrained. As one of the Cardinal signs of the zodiac they show leadership ability by being willing to take the initiative. They then nurture a project or business to success.


Those born under Cancer work well with the Earth signs of the Zodiac – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – as well as having special rapport with the other Water signs of Scorpio and Pisces. They may also form dynamic business relationships with those born under Aries or Libra.