Cancer Monthly November 2023

November could prove so good investment-wise for those of your sign. It helps that Mars is moving through the research and development (speculative) area of your solar chart and that your brain will be thinking of creative ways to manage your money and probable that between November 8 and 23rd, you will find ways of investing in your home that limit costs and leave you feeling that you are on top of budgets. That said, hiatus in the week beginning November 13 will require careful financial management. You would be an unusual Cancerian if you didn't have some kind of safety net but might need to repair it by 19th/20th. Yet in the last week of November you could yet rebalance the books. Sharing costs is a major theme. By pooling resources you can replenish a savings pot that was depleted some weeks ago. A further and strong possibility is news regarding an altered (but potentially beneficial) tax situation that requires you to take swift action around the Full Moon on November 27th.

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