Cancer Weekly Sunday 23rd June 2024

By next weeken, you could be riding the crest of a career way. It's not simply the presence of the Moon at the apex of your solar chart, but Saturn appearing motionless in an expertise area in the last days of June. True, you could be exhausted. It's long been recognised that the birthday period can bring an energy low. Revival though will come - and soon. The effort put in now should pay dividends when Jupiter reaches your sign next year. What is arguably super important is that you make notes at meetings this week. You will need to refer back to these. Cancerians have a reputation for good memory. However, details could elude in the long term. Of particular interest may be negotiations with a Gemini or Virgo. In their very different ways, they could be approaching the management of a situation very differently but, to your mind underestimating the long term effect of their present choices.