Cancer Yearly 2023

You may remember that Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, spent much of 2022 in one of the water signs but crossed over briefly into the career zone of your solar chart. It is now firmly there and passes through that area until May 17. Anticipate that your career-world will open up even further in the first few months of the year. With that comes added responsibility after Saturn moves into another of the Water signs on March 7. Just a few weeks later, Mars enters your sign and is there from March 25 through May 21. Throughout this period, the focus is on family matters and yes, likely home improvement. 2023 though is a year of enormous change for the planet. Pluto last changed signs in 2007/8 (the global financial crisis). 2023 and 2024 should be no less turbulent on the financial stage. Yes, that could lead many Cancerians feeling insecure. The art is likely to gather information about new methods of trading and reward. In this, and especially as Saturn moves through those early degrees of Pisces, you could benefit from showing willingness to learn and adjust. In fact, these next two years, could also be about publishing your experiences and obtaining qualifications. It would be unsurprising if by the end of 2024, you didn’t have new letters after your name.


Though there was much to suggest that 2022 would be a year when your career profile was enhanced, this is near as nothing to what is possible in the first few months of 2023. It seems you now have status and experience. Learning how to market and build on these should be high priority. As outlined in the general piece above, focus may turn to cementing that experience through higher education qualification. Note too, that as Mars moves through one of the Earth signs between July 10 and August 28, you could yet act as a magnet to those who lack your initiative and creativity, but who see in you someone able to husband talents and to bring together a team. It would be unsurprising if you want sought-after and headhunted through that time. It’s worth noting too, that coincidentally the lunar node or line of destiny, also moves into your career zone suggesting destiny.


As of March, when both Saturn and Pluto change signs, the whole world will likely need to grapple with new methods of trading. The financial landscape will surely alter. Pluto last changed signs in 2007 coinciding with the global financial crisis. 2023 could yet go down as a year of major transition when it comes to financial matters. This is set against the background of your career expanding and income growth. Self investment is always important, and as Saturn moves through another of the Water signs Pisces, you might seek to invest in long-term education. Careerwise, and as Mars moves through your sign between March 25 and May 21, your financial needs could grow. This might be the optimum time to ask for a raise or better distribution of reward.


Arguably the optimum time to romantic activity, is as Mars moves through the ‘affairs of the heart’ sector of your solar chart. This doesn’t happen every year but, in 2023, takes place between October 12 and November 23. You don’t have to wait that long for romantic activity: as Saturn moves into another of the Water signs, your need to feel emotionally anchored will surely increase. As Venus moves through your sign between May 8 and the Full Moon on June 4, you could attract singular attention. It’s not impossible that this will involve the revival of an old relationship. This isn’t necessarily a return to those earlier times, but be driven by the need to resolve old issues and to repair before moving forward. On June 12, Pluto returns to your opposite sign when determining the power base of all friendships takes priority.


Chiron continues its slow journey through another of the Cardinal signs and yes, there may be times when you feel fragile. Chiron is moving through Aries, the sign linked to the head. It may be that you suffer from more headaches than usual partly because so many people are throwing ideas this way and that and nothing is grounded. In 2023, as Mars crosses the base of your solar chart between August 28 and October 12 it would be wise to ensure you have adequate rest and arrange routine health checkups. As Mars moves through your sign from late March through to mid May, giving attention to diet and how best it supports your health would be wise.


Family dynamics, as you know, are constantly in a state of flux. It may be though, that there will be many dramas here for cancers to deal with as Pluto returns to your opposite sign on June 12 when the needs of another generation might need to take priority. All this could and likely will stretch you to the full. Holidays are always important: they serve as refresher time. Even if finances don’t run as smoothly as you would like and/or travel restrictions threaten holiday plans, at the very least and through July and August it would be wise to plan time away with those relatives who share your aims and ambitions. The last quarter of the year promises to be extra busy with home improvement and repair operations disturbing equilibirium while also explanding your scene.

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