Cancer Yearly 2024

Eclipses may be viewed as the punctuation marks in any year. In 2024, the eclipses of April 8 and October 2 accent the backbone of your solar chart i.e. the career and home and family axis suggesting considerable drama and new directions. That need not be negative. Another feature of 2024 is the alignment of Jupiter with Uranus at the end of April. This combination (which occurs roughly every decade) may be viewed as a firecracker. In this instance, it seems you will rise or take the lead in a group endeavour. Your political antenna may well be on show. By late May, it should be clear that your world has expanded. From the New Moon on September 3 through to early November and yes, encompassing an eclipse period, Mars travels through your sign and you should be super busy. Hopefully this will give opportunity to secure your financial safety net. At the same time, you might consider expanding your homebase perhaps because you need to do more work from home (this an addendum to what you’re already doing – not instead of). Bear in mind that in 2025 Jupiter will move into your sign. At that point, you should be riding the crest of a wave. 2024 could be viewed as the preparation period when you ensure that your surf board is in good working order.


The solar eclipses on April 8 and October 2, accent the backbone of your solar chart and 2024 should prove a year when you turn two pages in your career journey. Mars passes through your sign between September 5 and November 4 and those few weeks should be exceptionally busy. It all starts at the beginning of the year however when, before Mars leaves your opposite sign, suggestions are made as to how you could raise your profile. Your expertise is clearly growing. In meeting a challenge – most likely around March 25, you also show extraordinary capability in dealing with those negotiating major change. It would be advisable from May 26 and for the remainder of the year, to keep up-to-date both with your CV and all social media. By the time Jupiter reaches your sign next year, you need to have your ‘local advertising’ in place. In short, 2024 should prove super exciting.


Arguably more than any other sign, you know the value of having a secure financial safety net. Repairing an existing one could take priority in the first three months of the year. True, you might feel the need to self invest following an interesting invitation made around the Lunar Eclipse on April 23. Yet this action could pay off as early as June 17. From that date through until the end of July, the potential for you to both build savings and consider new investment opportunities increases. August should prove a challenging month for all signs with Mercury retrograde. This looks to be an expensive time requiring you to dig into the safety net created at the start of the year. From September 26, repairing earlier damage and once again boosting savings should be possible. The next expensive time comes at the Full Moon on December 15. Quite unrelated to end of year festivities, but no doubt aggravated by their cost, savings could once again be raided.


As intimated, the eclipses of 2024 suggest your emotional world will be shaken. The key period is when Pluto passes through your opposite sign for the last time in your lifetime – between September 3 and November 19 (yes, again covering the October eclipse period). This should be a time of intense romantic activity – particularly since for much of that time Mars will be moving through your sign. Even those already in partnership could find this a time of intense emotional activity when you review how and where you live together. It’s not impossible to imagine a renovation project taking shape. This is not to suggest that the first six months of the year aren’t without their intense romantic moments. Indeed between May 1 and June 9, these should be memorable. There’s also an interesting few days around June 28.


You may already have had concerns about the mental health and welfare of colleagues, friends and relatives and felt the need to take care of them. As important is your own. As Pluto crosses from your opposite sign and moves into Aquarius, all signs will surely feel shaken. It’s not the case that you will be mentally challenged, but that your nervous system could be under considerable strain. Pressure could be at its height between July and September and important that in the first few months of the year, you give careful thought to your health regime and general fitness. Take care that sugary items aren’t creating a gut imbalance. The dsire to improve fitness is likely as Mars moves through your sign (possibly because you’re in love). Though obviously much depends on your personal chart, the emphasis in 2024, will surely be on having as much sanctuary time as possible to recharge depleted batteries.


As you might imagine, with so much activity across the backbone of your solar chart, family matters are likely to demand considerable attention. The most intense time will likely come from September and through the October eclipse period. By the close of the year, it should also be obvious that in 2025 your family will expand. Of course that could be on so many different levels. The most likely thing is that there will be need for to create more space. Whatever the driving reasons, you should be clear about what you want to achieve by the end of November. In the first half of the year, the accent is rather different: it’s then that the balance between energy required for your career and maintaining domestic harmony might seem at times to be on collision course. Optimal will be to be as organised as possible through February so as to reduce strains during April and May.

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