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Capricorn – an Earth and Cardinal sign. Approx 21 December – 20 January

  • Ruling Planet: Saturn
  • Day of the Week: Saturday
  • Colour: Indigo, Dark Green, Grey, Black
  • Gemstone: Saphire


Capricorn is both an Earth sign and Cardinal sign. Those born under Capricorn have a need to achieve goals and to experience respect. The Capricorn person has a strong sense of duty that often results in them holding positions of authority. Capricorn people know the value of reputation and will work consistently, cautiously, without compromise and expediently in order to achieve a goal. They have great respect for tradition and for family values. Even as a children, a strong sense of obligation gives them a maturity and wisdom beyond their years. Capricorn individuals seek security and may at times be seen as boringly predictable. At other times they can surprise others with their ability to deal with obstruction and difficulty in one neat and innovative move. They are acutely aware of the value of time. Capricorn individuals squander little – either in time, energy or resources. The true Capricorn will look for possible problems before embarking on any project. This does not make them pessimistic, but perhaps consciously realistic.


Capricorn people have a preference for formal social occasion and will review a guest-list carefully to ensure the smooth running of any event. In the pursuit of excellence and professionalism, they leave little to chance. They are prepared to offer long-term commitment and takes pride in delivering a job well-done. Those born under this sign are natural builders – in either a physical or financial sense – deriving great satisfaction from being able to offer their families the protection of a secure home. They take vows as seriously as they do business contracts and may marry late as a result of the caution used in choosing the right partner. They do not wear their hearts on their sleeves and can find it hard to express feelings in public. As a result, there may be times when they experience great loneliness. Self-reliance is almost their middle name.


Those born under Capricorn enjoy the company of those born Taurus and Virgo and make good relationships with Scorpio. In the business world they form awesome combinations with those born under the other Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer and Libra.