Capricorn Monthly November 2023

There is much to be said for investing in your network. Joining associations and groups can be both illuminating and financially helpful. Doing so around the New Moon on 13th might give you access to discounts not usually available. By 24th your attention will surely turn to replenishing a safety net and building a savings account. (It may be that it would be tax expedient to do so). All this could be brought home via family negotiations midmonth that alert you to pending difficulties regarding joint property arrangements. Another curious twist is that you may find that a Scorpio puts forward an interesting business proposal. It would be wise to listen. Although obviously much depends on your personal chart, it may be that this is a union that would provide a small but valuable revenue stream. A further twist may be the sale of an item that has having been gathering dust for some time. Again, it could be a Scorpio who alerts you to its possible value and helps with the pricing.

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