Capricorn Yearly 2024

Winds of change began to blow in 2023 as Pluto began its slow journey out of your sign. It won’t complete that process until November 2024. Between January 20 when it enters Aquarius for the second time, and early September when Pluto returns to your sign, anticipate fast moving developments worldwide. These will surely affect every area of your life. There may well be moments when you feel temporarily powerless. Your world could be shaken on so many levels. Yours is a sign that responds best when you’re in charge and don’t feel to be buffeted by chaos or indecision. In this respect you could find late February and mid August super-demanding. 2024 though, is a year when it will surely be necessary to take on challenge driven by partnerships (business, romantic and family). The most dramatic period comes between September 5 and early November when Mars moves through your opposite sign and a period that contains both a solar and lunar eclipse. Events quite beyond your control will surely demand that you rethink your position and the team with which you want to work. As Mars turns retrograde before the end of the year, it’s probable that the matters will not settle until early 2025. The upside of all of this is that you should be able to put to good use all the expertise you’ve acquired since Pluto moved into your sign in 2008. Take time at the start of the year, to ensure that your CV reflects all this experience.


Of course you don’t have to accept greater responsibility but it is likely headed your way. Soon after the Solar Eclipse on April 8, there is an alignment of Jupiter and Uranus in another of the Earth signs. Together, these events signal drama: in your case involving your expertise and the need to put you at the front line of developments. Actually, it should be apparent even at the start of the year that you are now regarded as a key person. You may well have had to change job title. Of course, this doesn’t have to bring financial benefits, but there’s high probability that your role within an organisation will change more than once in 2024. An increased workload is indicated after May 26 and through to the end of the year. There’s high probability that the period around the Full Moon on August 19 will be particularly chaotic. Obviously, there’s always the possibility of you being on holiday, but if that’s the case, it might be as well to make clear exactly where the boundaries are and what you expect others to do in case of crisis in your absence. A further super busy period comes through September and lasts through to November. It is said of Capricorns that like mountain goats they want to reach the top. That though is not true of every Capricorn: what you do want is to feel secure. 2024 could be taxing in that in order to feel secure, it seems you have to take on more.


Pluto’s arrival in Aquarius ushers in a new financial age. Yes, this may have something to do with digital currencies, and if you as yet know little about these, you could use the first quarter of the year to learn more. An interesting formation at the end of April signals growing interest in risk and speculation. An investment made in the second quarter of the year could eventually prove to be one of the most rewarding of your lifetime. Self investment should not be ignored either. The potential for developing a second revenue stream is great. There are likely to be exceptional financial global challenges from mid August through until the Solar Eclipse on October 2. It is during this same period that you might be tempted to create a business partnership. Obviously much depends on your personal chart, but this may be something that is discussed at the start of the year and which results in you closing the year in stronger financial position than at the start.


Expect your romantic world to be rocked after Jupiter and Uranus align at the end of April. It’s not that the months before then won’t be full of romantic excitement: it’s just that what happens at the end of April is so very rare. Even those in existing partnership, the lights could come full on and you could be quite knocked out by ideas. This then leads into a super exciting summer. Even more romantic fireworks are to be expected around the Solar Eclipse on October 2. It’s then, and with so many changes going on both the career and family level, that you could determine exactly where your heart is, and who you are determined to spend your time with. The rhythm of courtship is set to gather pace and become very fast from early September. By early November it’s alterations in the family and domestic scene, that could draw you and that special person even closer.


Chiron is the planetoid associated with health matters. It’s slow movement through Aries has brought much attention to mental fitness. In 2024 expect to hear more about how to improve and strenthen resolve. These are trends affecting all signs. Chiron is transiting the base of pivotal point of your solar chart. Given the likelihood of ever more responsibility being headed your way, it is imperative that you look after you and that your mental health is given as much attention as the rest of your body. Given the probable stresses – albeit exciting ones through September and October,- it would be as well to have regular health checks in the first half of the year. With the probability of you carrying extra burdens and responsibilities, your bones could be put under pressure. Weight-bearing exercises might help. You should perhaps also ensure that your calcium levels are optimal.


Every family carries old wounds with some are more obvious than others. You may need to remind yourself – oten – that it’s not your responsibility to repair everything! Chiron’s slow journey across this delicate area of your solar chart suggests you may already have been dealing with sickness or division. Of course, much depends on your personal chart, but there is likelihood that both in April and again in October with the two solar eclipses affecting this zone, that there will be issues requiring focused attention. You have considerable experience now and could glide through these. In might help to know that these eclipse patterns that were so obvious in 2023, will fade in 2025. Perhaps the greatest family challenge of 2024 will be to ensure that those younger won’t have to carry as heavy burdens – but different ones – on.

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