Capricorn Yearly 2023

The two major solar eclipses at the end of April and in October, affect the backbone of Capricorn’s solar chart indicating major developments in your career and within the family. Obviously you won’t be the only sign affected by the winds of change set to blow in March when both Saturn and Pluto move into new areas of the zodiac. The former only does so approximately every 30 months and the latter hasn’t changed signs since 2008. The fact that both events on either side of the Equinox that month suggests a whirlwind of global activity that could be troublesome. It may be important to ally with new groups who share your fundamental codes. Issues in the neighbourhood will likely become increasingly important. By the time that Jupiter reaches another of the Earth signs on May 17, you could be involved – and perhaps taking on responsibility. Don’t underestimate your teaching ability either as throughout 2023 you may be called on to mentor and assist someone who is struggling both financially and emotionally. 2023 could be a demanding ride. It’s probable however, that developments will result in you (a mountain goat), moving to higher ground and gaining respect along the way.


Although obviously much depends on your actual date of birth, it’s likely that around the Equinox in March you will give extra thought to your career and whether it’s time to move in altered direction. It could be that you’re given a heads-up that certain rules will no longer exist by the end of the year. This could be a demanding time and by the eclipse on April 20, clear that you need to take action to protect your interests. Viewed as a six-month challenge, this could appeal. You might need to invest and learn new tricks. You could soak up information most easily between May 17 and June 10. Then, as Venus turns retrograde in August, reviewing contacts made as much as eight years ago, – and whether or not one of these could provide another revenue stream – would surely be a wise use of time. Once Mercury then turns direct in late September, you could position yourself ready for interview or other offers around the October eclipse. It’s probable that by then, you will have embraced fresh challenge and be seen by others as someone with the wisdom and experience to lead a team.


Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in 2007/8, coincided with the Global Financial Crash. In March 2023, that planet moves on into Aquarius and probable – especially since Saturn also changes signs that month, that this will cause the roots of the global financial system to once again be shaken. Indeed, the period between May 17 and June 10 could be particularly troublesome for Capricorn with tax (or legacy) requiring extra attention. You may also find that interest rates increase. In short, money could be tight in the first half of the year requiring a rethink of costs and general financial management. The good news is that in the last quarter of the year, the opportunity to rebalance the books should occur soon after the solar eclipse mid October. By then, and having deveoped a second revenue stream (most probably from April), you could yet either realise gain or plug leaks. There is high probability that all Capricorns will find revenue streams coming from new sources by the close of the year.


On February 6, Venus and Mars appear at right angle to one another. This is part of a cycle that began around the same time in 2022. This offers a ‘next stage’ in relationships and yes, since this aspect comes soon after a Full Moon, could prove a turbulent time. It may be that you’re aware that a partner’s career or family life is moving in fresh direction and that a rethink of your lives together will be necessary. In August, Venus turns retrograde in one of the Fire signs. This represents another pause moment for everyone where applying ‘thermostatic control’ will be necessary. Yes, this could provide a delicious romantic interlude, but the accent is on ‘interlude’. By mid-September, reviewing your romantic life and ensuring good work/ play balance is essential. In this respect, relations with Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces individuals are set to develop at pace. Indeed, by the close of the year, you may be committed to one of these unions.


You may know that the planetoid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron, is known as the wounded healer and, for the last couple of years, has been crossing over the very base of your solar chart. This has likely put you under emotional and perhaps even mental strain. It won’t necessarily have broken you, but, with Jupiter aligning with Chiron mid 2022, it may be that you need to give increased thought to your mental welfare. It’s possible that your news diet is doing you harm. You may need to be more selective about what you listen to, and what you read. On a brighter note, and from mid-May through until late August, you could do much to heal yourself through exercise and by broadening your mind – most probably through adventure. There’s also the high probability of appreciating an exercise program that does much to support your weight-bearing abilities and muscle strength.


The roots of your family tree could be shaken by October. Obviously much depends on your personal chart, but hints of what is to come should be apparent from March. For some Capricorns, this will require dealing with tax, estate planning and care issues most probably between mid-May and early July. You may need a break and good holiday in August to recover. Of course, it could be that it’s not your genetic line that is affected, but that of someone that is close to you. Whatever, involvement in financial family matters more than usual seems likely. By late October though, you could be repositioned – and gain new respect – within the family. You might also, before the end of the year have reason to celebrate the success of someone from another generation. It could be that they now have the expertise needed to follow their dream.

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