Gemini Monthly November 2023

Though it may not be possible to turbocharge either your career or finances until early 2024, the process starts this month. Saturn stations on 5th and through a network, you could be informed of an investment opportunity. It is of course imperative that you check all the facts. All could sound so alluring - particularly after Friday, November 10 - yet 'Sure things' though rarely are. It is imperative that you check the details. A strong possibility is that hype will carry markets higher into the middle of the month but be followed by chill winds from 16th. Then, as Mars joins Mercury and the Sun in your opposite sign from 24th, be prepared for others to want to spend your hard earned money. You need to practice the art of saying no and to determine the best way to renegotiate. It isn't necessarily the case that you will experience bad financial news on the 25th, but what you learn should make it clear that you need to toughen up. Protecting your interests and squirreling away some funds for high expenses next month, would be wise.

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