Gemini Monthly March 2024

It might help to think of yourself as being on a financial merry-go-round as there is considerable planetary activity in another of the Mutable signs, Pisces. This sign is depicted as fish swimming in opposite directions: an appropriate image forcash flow. Finding balance isn't easy. Coupled with that, there's the regular New moon in Pisces on March 10. It could easily feel as though you've lost control: you haven't, you just likely need a different approach - point that could be brought home at the lunar eclipse on March 25. The good news is that by then another cycle is moving to its next phase. Savings will then take priority when you may be advised - most probably by an Aries or a Libra, that you need to mend a safety net or create a fresh one. Obviously, much depends on your personal chart. There is high probability that in dealing with an outstanding issue will require confronting someone who has misspent your funds. By the close of the month, you should feel that you've wrestled back control.