Gemini Monthly June 2024

On June 3, the Sun and Venus align in your sign as do Mercury and Jupiter. This is an unusual concentration of energy and suggests that to others you might seem more exotic than usual. From the financial perspective, the cash flow is likely to be fast and furious. However, with Mars moving into neighbouring Taurus on June 9, it is arguably imperative that you give thought to long-term investments, savings and pensions. In these areas you could negotiate - and well. All signs should be aware of the potential for financial banana skin on June 17. Having negotiated this without drama however, as the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in that area of your solar chart that is all about financial management, you could yet accrue and start the process of building a wealth fund. Yes, this will likely demand that you learn something about investment. Even if this is an area in which you have little experience, recall that earlier this year Pluto moved into another of the Air signs. You should now be ready to investigate and to learn more. It would be understandable if you were attracted to emerging markets or crypto currencies. Obviously this should be done with the assistance of a financial adviser, but this may be something you're willing to do in the last days of June as Saturn comes to its station at the apex of your solar chart.