Gemini Weekly Sunday 23rd June 2024

Perhaps you know that the 20 year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn is also known as the business cycle. Presently, Jupiter is moving through your sign, while Saturn is in another of the Mutable signs. So yes, they are right angles to one another: an aspect that becomes exact in August. This suggests a turning point. For that to be reached, there perhaps needs to be a crisis. A strong possibility as Saturn moves towards its station next weekend, is that you will overreach. You might need someone to apply the brakes before the end of June. If this isn't done successfully, then yes, you could be headed towards major difficulties in a few weeks' time. You perhaps need support from those who are arguably more financially canny than you are. Take care: whether it's finance or general energy, you need to be sure that you can carry through commitment. The temptation to overpromise this week will surely be great.