Gemini Yearly 2024

Mark May 26th in your diary. It’s then that Jupiter begins its transit of your sign. Yes this happens approximately every 12 years and roughly at that rhythm, your need to expand your world increases. Gemini is a sign known for communication and for writing. As Jupiter moves through your sign, expect to have to verbalise even more than usual. This may be driven by alteration in your career which, from July 21 through early September (but require much of August for blue skies thinking) should take you into new territory (possibly literally). As always you need to ensure that facts are just that and that you’re not feeding a frenzy with misinformation (especially in August). There is the possibility of coming unstuck around the Full Moon on August 19 if your sources are suspect. The solar eclipse on October 2 marks this start of yet another phase when reinventing yourself takes on urgency. There is high probability that in 2024, your profile will be raised andthat your romantic, career and financial worlds will require careful if exciting navigation.


Whatever your age, it seems greater responsibility is headed your way. This could be acute mid August. For those at retirement age, it may be the antics of younger generations that bring cause for concern and require you to take on leadership role. It may feel that you are parenting both at work and at home. The process looks to gather particular momentum at the solar eclipse on April 8. By then you might consider joining a new team – perhaps as a result of being headhunted. What should be clear is that although others require your exceptional linguistic talents they also need you to work within a framework which you feel is outmoded. It may be that you are part of the advance party, determining new systems that will have to be adopted sooner rather than later. What looks particularly interesting is that from the end of August and through until the Full Moon on September 18, new designs or working in a new environment altogether promise excitement.


Of course it’s always wise to give thought to your financial position but in 2024 this is imperative. Before Jupiter arrives in your sign on May 26, it would be wise to consider pension and long-term savings arrangements. The need to do this could be exaggerated at the Full Moon on February 24. From then through until the solar Eclipse, arranging meetings with financial advisers would be wise. Once Jupiter enters your sign, the need to want more – and more of everything increases substantially. (i.e costs will likely rise). You will need to take particular care through July and August (expensive times of year in any case for holidays) but this year, markedly so. The latter quarter of the year presents a different kind of challenge: it’s then that thoughts will likely turn to different types of investment. This affects energy as much as it does to finance. A strong possibility is the need to repair – adopting a ‘stitch in time’ policy before costs rise further in 2025.


Gemini thrives on ideas and unique partnerships that provide that kind of stimulation. As Pluto moves into Aquarius from January 20, the need to know more, and to be with those who are excited and at the front in understanding new ways of working and being will surely increase. This would understandably put pressure on existing partnerships which could enjoy something of a rollercoaster ride during February. If they survive that turbulence, then the next key date is May 26 when Jupiter arrives in your sign. It’s then that the need to explore the world and meet new people increases yet again. This could bring further romantic turbulence throughout August when Mercury is retrograde. A date of particular interest is August 19. Then there is the solar eclipse on October 2. This one accents your need to play and throughout November, brings delight as you engage with those who provides just the stimulus you need. True, one partnership could hit turbulence in December that last into the first few weeks of 2025.


Chiron, the planetoid associated with healing, has been moving through Aries (one of the Fire signs) for the last few years. As it’s done that, it has likely brought you into contact with those who are suffering acute stress – most likely manifesting as mental unwellness. They have perhaps relied on you to keep them going through tricky times. Their need should now reduce – allowing you to focus on your needs both mental, physical, and spiritual. The most testing time is likely to be in August. With your ruling planet retrograde throughout the month you could experience imbalance and imperative that you have a break to focus on wellness so that your as fit as possible to enjoy the opportunities that the last quarter of the year.


Obviously not every Gemini will welcome a new addition to the family in 2024, but your family seems set to extend – particularly after Jupiter moves into your sign on May 26. That though, could create a dilemma in August to add to the already identified career and other pressures. Yet by the solar Eclipse on October 2, you may feel that things are now moving into an exciting new phase. Remember, yours is an Air sign: you enjoy playing with fire so that the last few months of the year could be particularly special and especially so where fun family matters are concerned. There may be much to celebrate. In particular, good news concerning an educational success could lead to extra celebrations.

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