Gemini Yearly 2023

Mars is retrograde in your sign as the year opens and begins its forward motion from January 13. From that date through to its arrival in Cancer on March 25, should be viewed as the optimum time to push forward your plans. These may well be pushed for you by partners and close associates who can see you still have much to offer and who are keen for you to position yourself well (unconsciously knowing that Jupiter will pass through your sign in 2024). 2023 should be viewed as a year of preparation. On March 7, Saturn arrives at an important career point. Depending on your age, think back three decades to its last passage over this area. Now you have chance to prove yourself yet again. Saturn’s transit is long and yes, can be hard. Much depends on how you choose to embrace challenges. Key is surely to surround yourself with a good support team – something you should develop before May 17. It might feel as though you’re treading water between June 18 and early November, though this should be viewed as an optimum period for preparing the ground for a major career step in 2024.


Saturn’s arrival at the apex of your solar chart, and its slow transit of this area over the next couple of years signals increased responsibility both at the family and work level. It’s arguably crucial that you develop a strong team spirit particularly between March and early November. By gathering the right people around you, you could position yourself well for success. Gemini has a justified reputation for multiple career interests. In 2023 it’s important to make clear one specific goal. Obviously much depends on your personal chart in preparation for a major career move around the Full Moon on November 27, when you should gain significant recognition. A partnership may be offered. .


Investments are a risky area but that doesn’t though mean that you should avoid them entirely. Digital currencies may have your attention in 2023. You need to learn how these work and specifically, how developments in block chain will lead to other promising investment strategies. Don’t overlook this area – particularly between late March and mid May. Then, as Jupiter makes its way through one of the key long-term investment and pension areas of your solar chart, you could plant promising seeds. Yes, Saturn’s presence in your career zone suggests progress in that area, – but also increased costs. Time management requires careful consideration as costly errors could be made. It’s likely too that obligations to family members will drain resources – particularly as Mars moves through your opposite sign between November 24 and the end of the year.


If it seems as though all is not running smoothly as the year begins, know that things should improve from January 8 after Mars turns direct in your sign. It’s possible that you’ve been giving out mixed signals or been so involved in career issues and other wrangles that you haven’t given a personal union as much attention as it needs. In 2023, your ruling planet, Mercury turns retrograde in Earth signs. These periods should be viewed as optimum for ensuring that the practical issues of keeping a relationship on track are attended to. Where, and how, you are going to live and share space with a significant other looks set to demand increased attention from late July. By then, Venus will be retrograde. Review and research is imperative so that by the time Mars reaches the ‘affairs of the heart’ area of your solar chart on August 28, plans can emerge – though it may take until mid-September to implement and begin the slow process of entwining your life with a significant other.


IThough obviously much depends on your personal chart, it is recognised that Geminis have highly sensitive nervous systems that need conscious supported. With Saturn’s arrival in another of the Mutable signs from March 9 (and for a two-year stay), it’s arguably imperative that you give your nervous system extra care -perhap s through reflexology treatments. Certainly, ensure that your feet are always well looked after. Potential pain in this area could lead you to podiatry appointments mid year. You might also benefit from a review of your diet. Bodies change over time, and it’s probable that you need a different mix of vitamins and minerals. Give careful thought to what would support your skeletal system: calcium depletion could be an issue – though obviously this needs to be checked with a medical expert. It’s also likely that it will be the health needs of friends and colleagues that drain your mental resources: again indicating the need to make sure that your system is fed with appropriate supporting vitamins.


Saturn’s arrival in Pisces from March 7 indicates a change of tempo where family matters are concerned – and bringing increased responsibility. Aware now of the needs of different generations, and your own pressing career developments, issues around property and asset maintenance have increased attention. This may be particularly true during Mercury’s retrograde periods. In this respect, August and September should prove particularly challenging. Of course, there’s nothing Gemini enjoys better than to play with ideas and possibilities. It’s grounding these, and doing the painstaking work necessary before you can move on that can be so draining. Yet it’s arguably imperative that you do this. The assistance of Capricorn would no doubt be helpful. At another level, your interest in ancestry and the geographical area to which you have bonds, should hold more than passing interest. Indeed, this research could have a healing quality – particularly through the last quarter of the year.

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