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Leo – a Fire and Fixed sign. Approx 22 July – 21 August

  • Ruling Planet: Sun
  • Day of the Week: Tuesday
  • Colour: Red
  • Gemstone: Diamond


Leo is one of the Fire signs of the Zodiac but differs from the others in that group in that it is also one of the Fixed signs. Members of the Fire sign group are generally enthusiastic and have an upbeat approach to life. In the case of those born under Leo, they are likely to be friendly, warm-hearted and to show immense loyalty to friends, family and colleagues. Some might even say that the Sun ‘shines out of them’. The Leo quest seems to be to make the world a more radiant place. Leos are usually creative and artistic and many have a fine sense of drama. Life is their theatre and they like little more than to be a star. As a rule they are generous with both gifts and time. Children love them for their sense of fun. The Leo person does not need to be the centre of attention all the time, but they do require acknowledgement and appreciation for their contribution to an event. They carry themselves with dignity and love pageantry and special occasions – though they do have to take care not to sound pompous or bombastic. .


Leo people have leadership qualities but tend to react badly to any form of criticism. At such times they can dig their heels in and be awkward, stubborn and difficult. Leo people love romance and delight in being able to make grandiose gestures. They find it difficult to live on a small budget and can get themselves into financial difficulties through their love of luxury and tendency to extravagant in giving. They are hugely loyal and at times, can set partners on a pedestal. Of course, they want their partner to put them on one too! The Leo person tends to make an impact wherever they go. They need to be part of the creative team and can be badly hurt if others inadvertently leave them out of a group activity.


Those born under Leo work well with those of the Air signs, Gemini and Libra, the Fire signs of Sagittarius and can bring warmth to the Water sign of Cancer.