Leo Monthly March 2024

With so much planetary activity in Pisces, (the two fishes swimming backwards and forward), it's probable that cash flow will be extreme i.e.fast and furious. This needs to be brought to a halt and likely will be by the lunar eclipse on March 25 when you make clear to a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces that this is all proving too much and that you need a pause and time to assess whether not recent moves have favoured long-term financial arrangements. As we know, history shows that whenever one of the slower moving planets moves from one side of the zodiac to another there is a global financial turbulence. The fact that so many planets move to new signs in the next couple of years suggests higher than usual waves. Though you can't do much about this, what you can do is focus on your financial welfare. Determining how you cope with stress and yes, arguably investing in health would surely be wise. The optimum time for addressing these issues could be at the First Quarter Moon on March 17.