Leo Monthly June 2024

The accent this month is on distribution. With considerable planetary activity in an networking area of your solar chart, you might now wonder if there are costs that could be contained either through collaboration, or through more efficient use of transport. The two things may be linked. On top of that, you might also determine soon after the New Moon on June 6, that your information sources require overhaul. As of June 9, Mars begins its transit of the apex or career point of your solar chart and investing in you takes priority. You won't be the only sign giving thought to your well-being, but it could be that in your case what's also needed is an alteration in energy supplier. You could make shrewd investment - but presumably not until after the solstice on June 21. It's then, with the Sun joining both Mercury and Venus in neighbouring Cancer, that long-term investments and specifically pensions and savings take centre stage. It may be that there are better deals to be had. Being informed is imperative. Don't be seduced by what appears to be an offer midmonth. Do your research and discuss with your advisor (probably around 27th) before taking action.