Leo Yearly 2024

Every year is punctuated by solar eclipses. The solar eclipse on April 8 (and think of this as a sophisticated new Moon), is in another of the Fire signs, Aries, and marks the start of a grand adventure. Obviously the form that takes will depend on your personal chart, but there’s high probability of your career going off in new and exciting direction which could include long-distance travel and even, for some house move. A twist on this would be working for a business whose roots are overseas. With Pluto’s entry into your opposite sign, Aquarius your significant others may be moving in new direction too. The promise of what’s to come should be apparent in the first four days of the year. But for real excitement look to the last week of May when negotiations were likely demand you think carefully about how you live and work. Arguably however the busiest time of year will be from the new Moon on November 1 through into 2025 when relationships promise extraordinary excitement. A further feature of the last two months of 2024 is acknowledgement of your undoubted creative skills which could bring you to the attention of someone in a position to offer you yet another adventure in 2025.


Most would agree that you can be inspired. You’re also capable of doing more than one thing at a time. Yes, you have may have a reputation as something of a kernel or general and yes, perhaps there are times when your bossy streak shows. That said, you also know how to enthuse. It would be unsurprising if soon after the solar Eclipse on April 8, if others recognise this talent and asked you to lead a team. Careerwise you really could go places in 2024. Obviously, as always, much depends on your personal chart and yes, what you’re asked to climb they make more of a mountain than a hill. You will need support. It might be wise in the first two months of the year to review your CV and ensure that the experiences gained in the last two years are portrayed in good light. Of course, it is possible that you also have to incorporate a property move or major development in 2024. This would undoubtedly take energy and time and it could be after the second solar eclipse of the year on October 2, before you reach for the next wrong on your career ladder. This though, is the one that should give you space to make the most of your considerable creative talents. Is during the last eight weeks of the year too, that you might benefit from some extra training or career counselling so as to be well positioned to take advantage of yet more opportunities in 2025.


Your financial world is set to alter considerably particularly from the new Moon on June 6. Indeed by the middle of that month, it should be possible to boost savings. Arguably this should be viewed as priority to allow for extra expenses in the last quarter of the year. Property matters could yet prove your best investment although of course, as always, much depends on your personal chart. A review of your position would be wise around the lunar eclipse at the end of April. In discussing options with a financial adviser, you might also consider the likely increase costs of transport and communications. A partner or would-be partners situation might also need to be taken into account. This too could bring great financial waves most probably in the latter four weeks of the year when a major investment will surely be under discussion.


The last couple of years could have been challenging, but 2024 promises excitement. Pluto enters your opposite sign, and you’ll likely be drawn to someone very different to what it would have attracted you in the past. Those in long-term relationships, anticipate that your significant other might be on new path to. Whether this is career or family related, you will likely both of you need to move together at very different pace. Property move is not out of the question. The red hottest time of your romantic year is in the last two months. The overture to that though, likely begins not too long after the solar Eclipse on April 8. As you know, yours is one of the fire signs and the one group of signs that plays so well with fire is a. Indeed, this year, it could be a Gemini fans those flames. This needn’t be a romantic encounter, but someone who acts as go-between, and ensures that your emotional life stays rich and exciting.


It’s very likely that your tastebuds have altered. These last few years have been tricky for all signs and the way in which we each acquire essential nutrients has undoubtedly changed. It’s probable that you now need to take greater care of gut health. This could be particularly apparent between September 5 and November 1. Indeed, this could be a prolonged period where you give full attention to health matters. That would be wise given how frantically busy the last couple of months of the year are likely to be. You will be the only sign to have some concern about the mental health of others. Just remember, that it is not necessarily your job to keep them enthusiastic about life, but rather to be a good listener. You can’t always pick someone out of doldrums but you can take time to be with them and supportive.


For the last few years you may have felt stuck between a rock and a hard place where family matters are concerned. Every time you try and reach forward, the some reason for looking back. All that is set to change in 2024. True, the trigger is likely to be the solar eclipse in April, but once that is in the past, movement should be considerable. Of course not everyone will welcome a new addition but there is strong likelihood that Leos will feel that there family is expanding in 2024. This also considerable accent on educational matters and the need very likely, to get involved with an local educational establishment. Whether this is for your own learning or that of others, you should view this as an investment of time, finance and energy. Note too, that Pisces relatives might require extra support as they negotiate either increased age and infirmity or extra work responsibility.

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