Leo Yearly 2023

The 2022 eclipses accented the backbone of your solar chart indicating the ned for latered direction. It’s possible that once Mars turned retrograde at Halloween in October, that you determined to resolve certain matters alone and without interference. By the last week of January in 2023, you could be full fully committed to a new path. True, this probably means making a break with certain situations – most probably in March. Pre-planning seems likely. By the time that Jupiter reaches the apex of your solar chart on May 17, and though you may be tested to your limits (pgysically, financiall and emotionally), you might also be happy to know that you are indeed ‘moving on’. There is also the prospect of Venus turning retrograde in your sign in August. That suggests a bumpy ride for all types of relationships heralded by events taking place around the February 5th Full Moon. By the time that Mars reaches the base of your solar chart mid-October, it’s probable that you will have swept away that which is outworn or outdated and will be rebuilding. Obviously much depends on your personal chart, but a property move or career adjustment certainly seems likely. By the close of 2023 your way of life should look very, very different to at its opening.


You would be a rare Leo if you hadn’t decided to part company with at least one element of your working schedule. That task should be done by the last week of January 2023. With this in the past, there is the prospect of both Saturn and Pluto changing signs in March to look forward to. True, the combianed effect will likely demand re-evaluation of assets and talents. There’s high probability of you identifying fresh goals by May 17 having first udnertaken major risk assessment. Then, during August, it’s time to re-assess your abilities and the partnerships you intend to make work. By mid-September, with a new work schedule in place, you should be ready to embark on fresh career adventure. Though the last two weeks of October could be challenging, there is high probability that by the time the Sun reaches another of the Fire signs are November 21, that you will have been headhunted or acquired new job title – or be in altered circumatances but where you are very much in charge. Imagining yourself as Chief Exectuive Officer of your own company ight help you make tough decisions but then move into new career space.


You probably know that three times in any year Mercury turns retrograde. It is not the case that all three periods are necessarily bad. However, you may be seriously concerned about finances on the first retrograde of the year: specifically between December 28th and January 19th. You might also experience financial tension between April 21st and May 15th and August 24th and September 16th. The April-May period is the most likely to involve tax or estate-planning. It’s through these weeks that you might also be alerted to pending interst rate rises. venus’ retrograde epriod (August through mid September) could also prove challenging – especially for those restructiring business partnerships. Yet the end of the year should close on much brighter note with you aware that tough choices have been made and that the assets you hold are ones that have value.


Venus doesn’t turn retrograde in every year. It does so in 2023 and in your sign – and so reasonable to expect a degree of romantic turbulence midyear. This may be no bad thing, as perhaps you’d enjoy taking part in a comedy of errors before smooth running in the fourth quarter of 2023. That said, from March 23 to June 10, Pluto moves through your opposite sign. Anticipate passions to rise and for this to be potentially overwhelming as either you or your significant other make major domestic or career move that unsettles your partnership. It could take until September before the matter is resolved. Yet between October 12 and November 17 much could be reconstructed. Indeed, by the time the Sun enters another of the Fire signs on November 21, you could be back to being your playful self – attracting much attention as a result.


You may remember that Chiron is moving through another of the Fire signs. This planetoid, that orbits between Saturn and Uranus is associated with health matters. As you might imagine, its movement through another of the Fire signs has resulted in many of the Fire sign people experiencing aberration in their energy levels. At one moment super high, at others totally debilitating. This, coupled with a tense aspect between Saturn and Uranus likely rendered the last couple of years difficult for many Leos. The good news is that an energy shift beginning on March 7, should be helpful. True, you might still experience stress – particularly between May 17 and June 10, this though more likely financial related. Soon after, and as Venus retrograde is in your sign, embarking on a regime that is more supportive of your well-being is probable.


A shift in family values is probable again between May 17 and June 10th. Through these weeks, the determination of someone to move to new environment entirely, could shake your world. Of course, is possible that the person moving will be you. Whatever, property matters seem to have high attention during those few weeks. Is perhaps beneficial then that Venus should turn retrograde in your sign through August. At this point, you can put in essential repairs and restructure. By the time that Mars reaches another of the fixed signs mid-October, you could be re-established. Throughout all this, the needs of relatives born under Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces may have needed to take priority. They could find the winds of change threatening and welcome more than usual, your support and understanding.

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