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Libra – an Air and Cardinal sign. Approx 20 September – 21 October

  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Day of the Week: Friday
  • Colour: Blue
  • Gemstone: Opal
  • Famous Libra: .


Libra is the second of the Air signs of the zodiac. It is also the only sign from this group to belong to the Cardinal group. The Libra quest is to find or create harmony and balance. Like the other Air signs they are interested in different opinions and ideas. Libra differs from the other Air signs however in that in their quest for co-operation and understanding, they are usually willing to arrive at compromise. Part of their quest is to excel in the fine art of diplomacy. Those born under Libra put great value on beauty, grace and good manners. It may be said that they exalt these at the expense of passion and excitement. They have a love of all things artistic. Attractive appearance is important to them and they go to great trouble to ensure that their dress is pleasing on the eye.


The Libra quest for harmony leads them to make decisions that are fair and equitable. Not that decision-making is easy for them – indeed, it may take considerable time: the simplest of choices requires comparison and this leads to ever more discussion. They need to know that their actions will be met with understanding. They are quite capable of arriving at quick decisions when the outcome is a matter of great importance. Indeed, at such times, they can show remarkable insight and foresight which is why they are often seen as natural leaders. They are also sociable people who take the time and trouble to listen carefully to each individual. They enjoy the concept of competition but may be slow to take part themselves. They are not slow to embark on relationships however. Romance is an integral part of their being. Those born under Libra are rarely rude and are usually courteous. Of course there are times when the opposite is true. They may strive hard for peace but should peace be unachievable will put as much energy into conflict. Leaders born under this sign have been known to take their countries to war.


Libra people are at their best in partnership. The trappings of partnership – whether that be marriage or business contract is important to them. They are inspired by those born under the signs of Gemini and Aquarius and can be enthused by the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.