Libra Monthly June 2024

An extraordinary buildup of planets in another of the Air signs, Gemini, signals increased involvement in both long-distance travel and higher education programs. It may be that revenue from one facilitates the other. As for most people, care should be taken around June 17 when a cluster of aspects signals the potential for financial loss. Of course, it may be that you simply invest in a garment that brings immediate pleasure but is perhaps not truly cost effective! Your financial antenna should be working better after the solstice on June 21. It's then that the Sun joins Mercury and Venus already moving across the apex or career point of your solar chart. You are quite capable in investing in items and services that bring you long-term pleasure. It would be unsurprising if, on the home front, you enquired about the costs of improving a kitchen or bathroom area. It could also be that there are discussions about your income and how it could be improved. Your intuition about improving contacts with certain individuals should be on top form so that by the time Saturn stations in the last days of June, a professional relationship gels - with the intention of this bringing you increased revenue after the Solar Eclipse in your sign in early October.