Libra Weekly Sunday 23rd June 2024

This week's Last Quarter Moon is in your opposite sign and coincides with Saturn's retrograde station. This should be a make your mind up moment and necessary to determine if you wish to cut losses or invest more in a potential partnership. It might be helpful to think back to the eclipse period of October 2023 and events that took place. These have likely reached a significant moment. Remembering that with the Sun, Mercury and Venus passing over the apex of your solar chart, another high probability is that others will be happy to discuss your long-term prospects and how best you could retain the reins of a project that was first aired around April's solar eclipse. Discussions that took place should also be gathering momentum. Yes, it's probable that you will have much on your plate, but equally likely that you now have considerable support: in a fact a management team that ensures the next steps and exciting and successful.