Libra Yearly 2023

Make no mistake, 2023 promises to be very, very different to 2022. Leave last year’s struggles behind. As the year opens, Jupiter is moving through your opposite sign and completes that transit by May 17. Anticipate many opportunities coming your way through Februray especially. True, until Saturn leaves Aquarius, and the risk and speculation area of your solar chart on May 7, you could still feel limited with little to no lesiure time. Yet this should also be promising and exciting start to the year. Mercury, Mars and Uranus don’t appear to be moving in direct motion until the last week of January. Use the first three weeks of the year prior to that for essential planning. By the New Moon on January 22, you should have a clear idea of what can and should be achieved in 2023. It’s worth noting that in 2023, Pluto moves on into another of the Air signs Aquarius. Anticipate that talents that have been hidden since childhood to emerge and demand attention. Though yes, through age and other experience it may be a variational this path that you choose to follow, it should be one that is compelling and irresistible and restore wrk-life balance.


Opportunities to expand you your career should be considerable – particularly between January 21 and March 7. But yes, this likely requires that you make choices (not always your best suit). It’s what occurs between March 25 and May 21 that promises greatest excitement however. True, this time period also encompasses retrograde Mercury (which should hopefully give you time to consider the options available and what really would suit you best). By then Pluto will have begun its slow transit of Aquarius. Yes, you may be drawn back to old issues but clear that you are headed on new path. The workload will probably increase butit may be work your where you’re happy to take on the responsibility. In fact, from August 28 through mid-October, and as chief executive of your company, you could move forward at speed. Finally, note that October’s eclipse is in your sign – heralding eyt another change of gear and delightful prospects for 2024.


2022 was challenging in the extreme but 2023 offers a different financial dimension altogether. For a few short weeks between the end of March and mid June, as Pluto makes its first foray into the risk and speculation area of your solar chart, you may need to give thought to investments and legacies as never before. Don’t underestimate your natural financial acumen. You have plenty. From May 17, as Jupiter begins its transit of another of the Venus-ruled signs, you could rebalance your financial situation. True, you might need to be relieved of assets that are now burdensome. It’s probable however, that by the time Mars leaves your sign and begins another major transit on October 12 through to November 23, that you will make sound business partnership decisions and so conclude the year in better position than at its start.


On March 7, Saturn finally leaves the ‘affairs of the heart’ sector of your solar chart. The good news is that it won’t return there for the better part of three decades. Over the last couple of years, it’s not that romantic activity hasn’t existed, but that it’s probably been hard work. As Saturn moves on, bringing pressures in different areas, you should feel less restraint and experience new adventures. By mid March, and with Jupiter halfway through your opposite sign, expanding your social horizons should be possible. Indeed, the period between late March and mid May looks particularly interesting. It’s said that people are at their most attractive as Mars is passing through their sign. Mars reaches Libra at the end of August and leaves mid October. It’s possible that it will be Venus’ transit of Libra that has greatest effect. Your allure between November 8 and early December should be considerable. All told, romantic opportunities should certainly abound, and be of very different nature to the last couple of years.


Chiron, the planetoid associated with matters of health, continues its slow transit of your opposite sign. It may be that the health needs of others have demanded most of your attention. This is not to say that you haven’t had needs of your own. Throughout 2023, ensuring that you get adequate rest, and that in particular, you don’t overthink to the point where your nervous system is put under stress, would be wise. As Mars moves through Aries where it joins Chiron between late August and through mid October, it would be wise to put personal health at the centre of your attention. In particular, check that you have adequate iron and vitamin B levels. Excitement in other areas of your life could lead to depletion of these and so hamper your ability to function well.


Two eclipses – the first in your opposite sign (April 20th) and the second in your sign (October 14th) signal profound change. True, this is part of a regular 18.6 year cycle. This time really is different. The needs of another generation will likely require that you relinquish responsibilities in some areas whilst adjusting to new conditions. With Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces relatives requiring ever more support, expect to be busy – but not so much that you can’t focus on hom improvements – especially around your birthday month.

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