Libra Yearly 2024

Several features mark 2024 as potentially super special for those of your sign. It all begins on January 20 when Pluto begins its move through the ‘risk and speculation’ or ‘affairs of the heart’ area of your solar chart. That’s followed by a solar eclipse in your opposite sign on April 8, an alignment of Jupiter and Uranus in another of the Venus-ruled signs on March 21, Jupiter moving into another of the Air signs on May 26th and finally an Eclipse in your sign on October 2. Each of these events would be significant. Collectively, they signal a year of whirlwind development and opportunity. Yours, as you know, is the sign of the scales. With so much going on, would be understandable if there were times when you felt decidedly out of sorts and imbalanced. Between September 5 and November 1, with your career going off in new direction, and a significant relationship flowering, you could feel decidedly unsettled. Don’t anticipate that this will settle down until midway through 2025. The art in 2024 is to accept that the world as you once knew it has moved on, and that it’s time for you to resurrect and regenerate latent talents.


There is likely to be considerable attention given to your career aims in January. Others want to know where you’ve come from and where you’re headed. You may though not know quite the answer. Perhaps you need time-out to develop what could be a substantial, developing and rewarding interest. Your creativity will surely be on show over the next couple of years. Key in all of this are developments taking place between February 13 and March 23. Contacts made during this period promise much. You might then need more time-out with Mercury retrograde from April 1-25, to consider whether or not one working partnership really will stand the test of time; making a final decision and signing a contract around June 17. Arguably the most rewarding time should come between September 5 and November 1. This encompasses the second eclipse of the year but is also the period when Mars is moving through your career zone when others will surely be enraptured by your project management abilities and eager to join forces.


Consciously or unconsciously, you’ve been building assets since 2008. It might now be time to realise some. Risk management is the major issue between February 13 and March 23. It may be that a key decision has to be taken by the lunar Eclipse on March 25. Transport costs might also need to be given attention. What’s interesting is that an idea that was first presented in March 2023, and which gathered a momentum between March and July last year, seems set to take off in the second quarter of 2024 and to bring reward by the year end. With a hidden talent rapidly becoming a potential second revenue stream, there is little reason to suppose that you can’t conclude the year in stronger position than at its start. This may be less about cash flow or money in the bank, and more about the realisation that you now have a strong network on whom you can rely.


As you can perhaps deduce from Pluto’s arrival in the ‘affairs of the heart’ sector, plus eclipses across the relationship axis of your solar chart, it may be that a romantic opportunity is waiting in the wings. Even if you were to decide to swerve this in 2024, it may not be so far from the horizon. Certainly, it seems you will discover new tunes to play on your heartstrings. The period between May 1 and June 8 looks to be particularly interesting – as does from November 4 through the early part of 2025. Note too, that with Jupiter moving into another of the Air signs from May 26, that travel and adventure should be a key part of a developing partnership.


Whilst the health of those around you may have been a primary concern the last few years, it’s now time to focus on your own. Your nervous system may have been under considerable stress. As Pluto moves from that base of your chart, problems that have been storing since 2008 could surface. It might be wise to think of a detox regime and be most successful between March 25 and April 8. Between May 1 and June 8, attention needs to be given to the whole of the head area. It may be that some dentistry needs to be attended to. This would put you in good shape for the second half of the year when travel opportunities abound. With this in mind, it might be wise – in the last few days of April, to ensure that you have adequate health insurance (not because a problem could occur, but in case it does).


Anticipate an exceptionally busy family time between September 5 and November 1. Those who have birthdays through this period could demand evermore of your attention. That of course includes you. With adventures a major theme for all signs in 2024, many plans could be made. Undiscovered talents are set to surface but require much energy and yes, likely significant extra travel. Prior to that and between May 1 and June 8 the theme is more about career developments in the life of someone very close who needs extra support with their family commitments. Another feature of the year and particularly toward the end of April, is the need to focus on legacies or long-term financial security taking into account the developing needs of someone from another generation.

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