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Pisces – a Water and Mutable sign. Approx 19 February – 20 March

  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Day of the Week: Thursday
  • Colour: ea blue, green, lavender
  • Gemstone: Moonstone


Pisces belongs to both the Water and Mutable groups. Pisces people are driven by the desire to please and soothe others. Some have healing ability and most are intuitive. They are able to sense a texture, hear a sound or feel a mood. This amazing sensitivity can lead them to be described as psychic. They do not need to be physically near someone whom they are fond of to know what that person is thinking or feeling. It is as though they are radios tuned into several stations all at the same time. Of course this is confusing and it can result in them getting lost, turning up for appointments on the wrong day or at the wrong time, and forgetting what happened just a few hours earlier. It is not easy to be a Pisces and many Pisces will try acting out their opposite sign of Virgo. They do this by developing super efficiency and demanding perfection from others. This is a way of protecting themselves from the problem of trying to do too much for too many people. Pisces is the sign of the fish, and they can appear to swim in too many directions at once. In fact, Pisces people would probably be happy with any direction as long as it is chosen by someone else. They seek to bring magic into other people’s lives. They will do almost anything for anyone and are particularly adept at helping those are going through a period of emotional pain or illness.


Pisces people enjoy story-telling, myths and parables. They can also lose themselves through movement such as swimming or dance. They are creative with a great sense of colour. There is also a sense of the fragile about them. Care has to be taken that they are not manipulated or abused by others. In their anxiety to please, they can find themselves working for less than would be considered the norm.


Pisceans are almost hopelessly romantic and are drawn to those of many different signs. Capricorns and Taureans anchor them. However they can fit in with almost any sign: chameleon-like they can be many things to many people.