Pisces Monthly December 2023

It's definitely not easy to rein in costs when Mars is moving over the apex of your solar chart. Yet by the New Moon on December 12 should be obvious that that is now imperative. Repairs are likely looming. As Mercury turns retrograde that day costs could rise and high probability of you raiding savings. If there is a light at the end of what could be a tricky tunnel, it's that Jupiter, your ruling planet, joins Neptune (your other ruling planet) in forward motion at the end of the month. It should then be possible to stem leaks. The art will be in to ensure that you're not overcharged and that costs are shared where possible. In that, you could yet be pleasantly surprised. Particularly between 18th and 24th, you may find others willing to negotiate and to share certain expenses. You won't be the only sign to experience higher than usual transport and communications costs. Indeed, it could be these that threaten to break the bank.

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