Pisces Monthly June 2024

It's been over a decade since Jupiter last took up residence at the base of your solar chart. By the New Moon (June 6th ), with both Mercury and Venus also in that area, there is high probability of you being involved in intense negotiations around assets. The cash flow as items are bought and sold could be faster than usual. There is also high probability of you needing to be in more than one place at a time and incurring extra transport costs as a result. Indeed, it may be that soon after June 9, you determine that you need to find a more practical means of moving around and so decide to invest in an item or service that would prune costs. It might be wise to avoid making a major decision on June 17 when all signs could experience the equivalent of a financial banana skin. The situation should improve greatly after the solstice on Friday, June 21. Then, with the Sun, Mercury and Venus moving through another of the Water signs and accenting an area to do with the risk and speculation, you could - with assistance from a financial adviser,- arrive at a way of working that preserves what's important but also leaves sufficient room for you to invest - most probably in items and services that would improve your general well-being.