Pisces Weekly Sunday 26th November 2023

This could prove a week of high drama. It's not just that there's a Full Moon accenting the backbone of your solar chart (there is one like this every year), but the positions of the other planets around it. There is high probability of you being blown away by the actions of a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Yours - as you know -is one of the water signs. You prefer to be a calm pond but have experience of oceanic storms. It might be as well to anticipate one of these. True, it could be exciting. It might also be that your work is displaced in some way. Travel issues too could create difficulties. Yet this ushers in another way of working. Nothing ever stays the same, and by Friday, you might agree that what is being swept away has been stagnant for some time. You might also be pleased to reconnect with someone you worked with a long, long time ago (pre-2007??).