Pisces Weekly Sunday 12th May 2024

Of course we should always expect the unexpected. Yet sometimes it is just so left-field: whatever knocks you off your axis on Monday balance should be restored by the time that the Sun aligns with one of your ruling planets, Jupiter on Saturday and the process open your eyes to opportunities. That said, affiliations that you thought were secure could now to be found to be severely wanting. Another - and high probability, is that someone who has already shown signs of eccentricity, will display these with extraordinary force. This potentially destabilizing influence could leave you questioning your long-term plans and security. Remember, that since January, Pluto has begun its slow journey through a part of your solar chart where your dreams and fantasies lie. It's probable that these need to be revised. View this as a transition period and a time to be on high alert for new ways to support your well-being.