Pisces Yearly 2023

It’s now almost 3 decades since Saturn passed through your sign (January 1994 to April 1996). The cosmos doesn’t do exact repeats and, of course, much depends on your age. There is every likelihood though, that those years found you weighed down with responsibilities. Yet saturn’s tramsit of your sign can be a time of promotion and advancement. Whatever, (and obviously much depends on your personal chart), it seems reasonable to assume that over the next couple of years, you will give thought to your age, experience and how best you can use both to advance your life aims. This transit begins on March 7 but is preceded by a few weeks of extreme busy-ness. Coinciding with the Full Moon on February 5, Venus and Mars move to right angle. This highlights relationships and yes, tension. It might also result in you giving greater thought to where and how you intend to live and work. On May 17 Jupiter enters an area that for you is about local issues. Here too you may be called on to take a (political?)lead. Later in the year, especially through August and the first part of September, you could find yourself in the role of peacemaker. Better news comes in the Last Quarter of the year when, following the Lunar Eclipse on October 28, you could realise a long cherished dream and, throughout December, find yourself at the hub of activity of the nicest kind.


As outlined, promotion and career advancement is probable once Saturn moves into your sign. True, not every Pisces can enjoy success, and of course much depends on your personal chart. It seems likely however, that you will be asked to assume the mantle of responsibility. Full reward might not be realised until Mars passes through another of the Water signs between October 12 and November 24. This period covers Saturn’s station when you may be called to account. Involvement in great debate seems likely. It might even be necessary to have legal expertise to support your cause. Around the Last Quarter Moon on November 5, you might agree to sever one commitment in favour of one that would bring you greater pleasure. It doesn’t appear that you will be headhunted rather that you will gain respect and reward by showing leadership skills and negotiating challenges earlier in the year.


2023 is unusual in that both Saturn and Pluto move to new areas of the zodiac within the same month. You may remember that when Pluto last changed signs, 2007/8, that this coincided with the global financial crisis. A key date for crisis could be early April. Costs for all signs are likely to be high through 2023 and especially so from May 17 to June 10. Outflow could then be great. Indeed it may be necessary by the beginning of July to take financial advice to protect assets. Pisces is one of the Mutable signs of the zodiac and you have a reputation for being flexible and financially nimble. The good news is that your ability to trade and invest is much enhanced from the New Moon on October 14. Whilst it may be difficult for any sign to conclude 2023 richer than at its start, Pisceans may fare better than most: in part be due to selecting good investments at the Full Moon on November 27.


It’s reasonable to expect that in any year when Venus turns retrograde, romantic affairs will not run smoothly. Venus however doesn’t turn retrograde in your sign, – but in Leo. It’s individuals born under that sign (or its opposite, Aquarius), who could experience greatest turbulence. You could get caught up in the aftermath. As Mars moves through your opposite sign between July 10 and August 27, you could be particularly affected. It is through this same period that you will likely look particularly attractive to others. Indeed, around the Full Moon in your sign on August 31, you could attract singular attention. It’s then that someone who’s been watching and admiring you through the earlier months, might make clear their affection. You don’t necessarily have to develop this relationship (and obviously again much depends on your personal chart), but it is likely that this attention will lead you to think differently about your romantic affairs and perhaps yes, prompt you to invest time in developing this union.


Feet. Yes, Saturn passes through your sign, that area of the body (associated with Pisces) could experience difficulty. This is not the time to shirk on good footwear! You might also benefit from reflexology treatment – particularly after Saturn moves into your sign on March 7. The Piscean system might also be adversely affected by the stresses and strains of world news and your mental state at times tested to the full. With Mercury retrograde in your opposite sign from August 24 whilst Venus too is retrograde, the period between August 24 of September 4 could find you particularly stressed. It’s during this time, that you might appreciate the support of a Taurus or Capricorn. Walks in nature and particularly in woodland, would surely be of benefit too. Indeed, nature bathing be one way to secure better health in 2023.


The backbone of your solar chart and therefore the family roots, could be shaken by the decisions taken between the New Moons of January 21 and February 20. You might then be aware that a relationship will not stand the test of time. Further stress is indicated six months later. It could be late September before you feel that there is relative family calm. Midst all this, displacement or home renovation is probable. Not al Pisces will move home, but it may be that there are weeks when displacement is necessary. It’s probable though, that by the close of 2023 you will agree that a great shift has taken place, but that the family anchor is secure.

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