Pisces Yearly 2024

First a recap from last year: “it’s now almost 3 decades since Saturn passed through your sign (January 1994 to April 1996). The cosmos doesn’t do exact repeats and, of course, much depends on your age. However, there is every likelihood that those years found you weighed down with responsibilities. Saturn’s transit of your sign can be a time of promotion and advancement”.

Saturn continues its journey through Pisces in 2024 with heavyweight responsibilities still with you. These could feel most acute through January but reduce by the Lunar Eclipse on March 25. Obviously much depends on your personal chart, but it seems likely that in 2024 you will embrace new ways of working and living.

On May 26, Jupiter moves into Gemini another and from then you may find yourself living either in two places or working with two very different groups of people. Duality rules. Yes, this could give you a major dilemma around the Full Moon in August and require an adjustment to your daily routine during the eclipse period in October.

However, by the time that Mars moves into Leo on November 4, it should be clear that your intention to ensure that this new way of working and living is successful – bringing you much needed support.


Obviously much depends on your personal chart, but it seems that you will be at least considering joining forces and creating a business partnership in 2024. A further possibility, is operating from two work-places one of which could be home from the end of May. The real busyness comes in August. In fact, by then you might wish you could be cloned. Your personal HR and advertising departments should then be super busy. As the Sun moves into your opposite sign at the end of August, analysing the competition becomes necessary. It may be that its decisions taken by others around the Solar Eclipse on October 2, that requires you to adopt a new work routine from November and opens up yet another career opportunity. The limitations and the dramas that this creates indicate that the last few weeks of the year will probably be turbulent. This though, is when you could show your enormous versatility and when others recognise that having you on board is an asset. Your magical touch could lead you to being ‘mentioned in dispatches’ in the last few days of the year.


For 18 months within just short of 19 years (as now), there is extra accent on financial affairs. There are decisions to make. Just how important these are should be brought home to you at the Lunar Eclipse on March 25 when there is high probability that you will need to place clear boundaries – especially when dealing with those born under the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. Expenses are likely to rise after Jupiter moves into Gemini on May 26 with the potential of leading into a cash flow crisis mid August. To avert difficulties, it would be wise to focus on developing a safety net in March. Don’t doubt your ability to invest and to recoup. It’s likely important that you give this focused attention before the end of April. Note too, that the last few weeks of the year could prove expensive – most likely travel and communication related.


Commitment issues are a major theme of Saturn’s transit of your sign but potentially acute between the Lunar Eclipse on March 25 and early May. This period encompasses a solar eclipse and the rare alignment of Jupiter and Uranus when it would be as well to anticipate the unexpected. Focus on partnership continues and could leave you ‘spolit for choice’ by the August Full Moon. Never doubt Piscean attractiveness: others see you as having magic. Whether it’s the way you dress, the language you use, or just your ability to be wherever you are needed to be, those of your sign have an ability to delight. But yes, it’s also true that Pisces can attract drama. That could be full volume in the last eight weeks of the year when imbalance between work and play could threaten a key partnership.


We should of course, all be concerned about mental health. Stress can manifest in so many different ways. For you, the pressure of negotiating relationships could be considerable. Pisces needs movement and that is yourself. Be amongst nature will clearly be therapeutic especially as Mars moves through your sign between March 23 and early May. Indeed, this period could be crucial. Yours is you know is the sign of the fish. Being near water is both comforting and helpful. Marking Monday, June 17 and determining that around then you have a day near water should prove therapeutic. That will likely be true again in the days before the full Moon on October 17. With Mercury retrograde in at the apex of your solar chart from first December through into January 2025, it might be as well to have a health check carried out in those October dates 14th to 17th and to ensure that your vitamin and mineral levels are as they should be.


A year when Jupiter takes a prominent position as it does from May 26, is usually a year of family expansion. Celebrations should be aplenty. However, in 2024 in both August and November that I signs of tension and strain presumably property related. It may be that repairs require extra attention. Another possibility is being continually on the move looking after those who seem unable to look after themselves. It might be as well was Mars moves through Cancer between September 5 and early November, to focus on your own needs and perhaps during this period redecorate or re-group so that you feel comfortable in your nest. This is arguably essential as is creating boundaries particularly with Leo and Aquarius relatives who may try to involve you in their dramas.

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