As of July 23rd – and for forty days and nights – Venus appears retrograde in Leo. This isn’t identical to the summer of 2015 (when that planet was also retrograde in Leo) but there will likely be variations on that theme. For those born under that sign, expect to experience romantic ‘musical chairs’ and know that nothing may be clear until early October when Venus finally moves on. By that time – if you have made expensive errors of judgement, – you could end up paying more than you bargained for. Let’s hope that it’s the opposite and that you look back on this Venus retrograde as a time when memories were made to be cherished.

For all signs, these forty days are near perfect for focusing on marketing and design. It should prove a time of extraordinary creativity. All sectors of the Arts should experience extra activity with new sounds and styles quickly embraced.

Relationship-wise this should prove an exciting time for all signs: and yet – if there’s an issue it’s that Venus in Leo wants to be put on a pedestal, loved and admired. Everyone WANTS to be appreciated. But you have to start with you. If you put a significant ‘other’ on a pedestal, they’re almost certainly going to fall off (as Venus moved into Virgo where blemishes and faults are more easily noted).

Everyone should ‘go slowly and steadily’. Enjoy and embrace the moment – especially mid August when the Sun and Venus ‘kiss’ or conjoin on August 13th. Think carefully: if you don’t love you, then who will? Practice a little self-love before you invest in a union.

All planets are linked to financial matters with Venus a strong player when it comes to negotiation and money matters. The ‘flash crash’ that occurred with the first few minutes of trading on August 24th 2015, took place with Venus retrograde and as the Sun crossed into Virgo. (There is more but this is the background).

It is perhaps significant that Mercury turns retrograde on August 24th 2023 and that the Sun will have moved into Virgo just a day before. With the Moon moving through Scorpio (not always a good sign for financial matters) and the Sun and Saturn is hard aspect that week, a repeat – or more accurately – an echo could be heard. This could bring a buying opportunity.