Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,

Happy Full Moon!! – August 1st

This is the second in a series of four Super Moons i.e. the Moon is closer to us than usual and will appear larger than normal. We know that lunar position affects terrestrial weather, and across the world, the last four weeks have certainly seen evidence of tidal and climate change. Although the Moon is not at extreme declination for this Full Moon, there should – over the next few weeks – still be evidence of disturbance in the form of earth movement, strong air and water tides.

We are also nine days into the 40-day Venus retrograde period that concludes in early September. On August 13, Venus appears to kiss the Sun (their conjunction). Not only might this coincide with a significant earth-moving event, at another level this could yet prove a key date in the discussions surrounding the union dispute in Hollywood, CA.

It is fascinating to note that as Venus moved to the midpoint of Neptune and Pluto (forming a yod shape), strikes affected Hollywood productions. The Emmy awards originally scheduled for September have been postponed. Whilst August 13th should prove a key date, resolution is unlikely until the September Equinox at the earliest.

As Venus turned retrograde and the Lunar Nodes reached right-angle with Pluto, clients, colleagues, and friends all reported crisis-type developments whose roots stretched back a few months but reached urgent status soon after Venus’ station on July 23rd. As with the situation in Hollywood, resolution is not on the immediate horizon.


The coming Solar Eclipse on October 14, and visible across much of America, is in the sign of Libra (associated with the Arts). It is almost 20 years since there were eclipses in this area; coinciding neatly with the last time that the Emmy awards were postponed.

There is much to write and discuss about this October eclipse: the second in a series of three (2017, 2023 and 2024) with paths crossing the United States. In my original ‘Finance Universe’ published in2004, I suggested that the United States would undergo sweeping change and that by 2020 there would be a fractured society. If history repeats, then there could yet be civil war in 2027-2028.

This is not the only eclipse sequence affecting a particular geographic area: last Sunday, there was a general election in Spain. As I pointed out in my recent future for Europe presentation, a series of eclipses affects that country through 2027-8. Spain too could be divided before the end of this decade.

A ‘World Astrology Summit is taking place on September 23rd and 24th, 2023. I will give two presentations. One continues my thinking on the Future of the Eurozone, and the other covers Cycles in property and Commodity Prices. You can find details here: Conference site & registration portal: https://sta.co/conference. Cost: $95 USD.


Analysis of rate increase over the last couple of hundred years gave clear indication of the astro-codes at work. On cue, July brought the expected rate rise. Using the same methods, more are to be expected in 2025 – but not in 2024.

It has been suggested that inflation is now falling. That may, in part, be due to the fact that in the northern hemisphere at least, we are experiencing summer months and the demand for energy – a primary cause of rising prices – is much reduced. Inflation figures will surely rise at the end of 2023.

For some months, I have been working on an astro-energy cycles report. Pluto last transited Aquarius at the time of the Industrial Revolution when the demand for energy grew. We are now on the brink of the artificial intelligence revolution. Developments in robotics engineering will surely increase the demand for electricity and alternative power sources. It is worth noting that the World Trade organisation states that global commerce is worth $32 trillion, and will be transformed as the shift from fossil fuels, the effect of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the proliferation of artificial intelligence gathers pace.

Astrology is helpful in determining the timing of this transformation which is surely linked to Pluto’s transit of Aquarius (2023 – 2043).