Astro-scientists have detected an energy particle from millions of miles away – locating an unknown energy force as the cosmos reveals new wonders. That all this is occurring as Pluto begins its journey through Aquarius (the sign most associated with scientific discovery) is timely to those of us who are fascinated by the cosmos and our place within it.

On January 20th, 2024, the Sun and Pluto align in Aquarius – an aspect that hasn’t occurred since the 18th Century. They meet at the exact degree where Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in December 2020 and will surely bring new impetus to space exploration and general scientific advance.

Research took me back to the launch charts for Sputnik and man’s first excursions into space – including man’s first steps on the Moon which coincided with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 0 degrees Libra (the World Axis). Those two planets align again in April 2024 – but in Taurus. I wonder if our news might be dominated by the threat of a space ‘land grab’?

Looking further forward, in 2026, Saturn and Neptune conjoin at 0 Aries (opposing the Moon landing conjunction) when there might be less jubilation about the scientific success of a mission, and instead concern that plans to create a space landing station herald nefarious action that boost the potential for Star Wars.

Of course, there will be umpteen interpretations of what this conjunction will mean for humankind – and interpretation does not have to be wholly negative:

I am confident that these alignments will also coincide with developments in energy efficiency and will soon present my work on the connection between planetary alignments and energy cycles.