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Sagittarius – a Fire and Mutable sign. Approx 20 November – 21 December

  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Day of the Week: Thursday
  • Colour: Purple
  • Gemstone: Topaz


Sagittarius is the last of the Fire signs of the Zodiac and the only one to also belong to the Mutable group. Those born under Fire signs tend to be enthusiastic about life. They are friendly, warm and seek to make other people feel good too. Those born under Sagittarius are as generous with information as they are with gifts. They tend to be optimistic, bright and sociable. Their life quest is to experience life to the full – incorporating adventures: mental and physical. As one of the mutable signs those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a high degree of adaptability. They enjoy variety too. The true Sagittarius enjoys cultivating a world-view. They seek to understand those from very different societies to their own. In fact, the rules and regulations of each society truly fascinate them. They are curious and gather knowledge with ease. Some people think of them as walking encyclopaedias. They have of thirst for education though they do not always enjoy the formal indication provided at school. They may have an interest in history, archaeology, religions, languages and philosophies. They are also driven by the need to arrive at fair and balanced judgement..


Sagittarius people are idealistic and have high expectations. They quickly outgrow childhood haunts and have a thirst for travel. Freedom of movement is important to them and they always manage to raise their sights a little higher each time. As a result they usually travel far and wide. They may also be prosperous and successful. The Sagittarius’ word is his bond. Those born under this sign will never offer what they cannot deliver. A high code of ethics is never far from their surface. They are benevolent and quick to offer support to those less able to fight for themselves. They are chivalrous and enjoy being seen as knights in shining armour. They have high standards but are playful and even light hearted in pursuit of these


Sagittarius-born people often enter people’s lives like thunderbolts or whirlwinds. They have good rapport with those born under Aries and Leo but also make good connections and are inspired by those born under Libra and Aquarius..