Sagittarius Love Friday 1st December 2023

As is likely for most people, it seems you'll turn an emotional page at the Last Quarter Moon on December 5. - an event that coincides with Mars moving through your sign and Venus changing signs. In fact, they make a fantastic aspect between one another on Thursday. So this could be a time when you refuel. Your imagination needs to run riot. It is always important for Sagittarius to plan an adventure. Next year's will likely be dictated by a partner. Though obviously much depends on your personal chart, and you may or may not have met that right person just yet, you can be assured that your romantic life will alter in 2024. The art for the moment is to determine who you are now and what brings greatest pleasure. That might mean exploring areas of interest that have held fascination but never been given due attention. Ahead of next week's New Moon in your sign, you could make a list of those desires.