Sagittarius Monthly November 2023

As Saturn arrives at its direct station on 5th, coinciding with the Last Quarter Moon, it could easily feel as if you'd exhausted all assets. Certainly asset management should have your full attention. It may be necessary to go back over credit card agreements and see what, if anything, can be renegotiated. This is not to say that November will be a bad month. Mars joins the Sun moving through your sign and with that comes the spur to replenish. Having a strategy in place would be wise. It's further likely that others (notably Leos and Libras) want to help. True, you might wonder about their financial management skills but it may be that they do indeed have good plans and visions that reduce difficulties. There is always the question of investment. Presently, focus has to be on property and its maintenance. For a few, - and obviously much depends on your personal chart- there might also be the issue of moving and creating more space. Before making final decision it would be as well to note that from 2025 inflation and interest rates are likely to rise. In other words, when making long-term decisions, go super cautious.

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