Sagittarius Monthly June 2024

There is heavy concentration of planets even before the New Moon on 6th in your opposite sign and probable that others have commercial ideas they want you to agree with. Take your time. All signs could experience a financial banana skin midmonth. It is crucial that you apply due diligence. It's not unusual for you to make major financial decisions around the June solstice in any year. However, to avoid past errors, it's crucial that you address risk management. Decisions will need to be taken as to which are the optimum investments for your well-being. You may decide that an alteration in your own nutrition is needed. As likely is determining that it would be wise to spend more on repairs and general maintenance - presumably taking stitch in time action. With considerable discussion centring again on travel arrangements, you could also consider investments linked to these. Those investments could cover anything from a new suitcase to investment in travel stocks.