Sagittarius Monthly March 2024

For the last decade, it's perhaps felt as though it's easier for money to flow out then to flow in. That tide will turn. The lunar eclipse on March 25 marks a shift. A strong possibility is investing in items for the home. To do this might require freeing yourself from no longer wanted items or services. Concluding those contracts or sales by the lunar eclipse could be considered wise. With strong accent on valuations - particularly between 10th and 21st, it may be necessary to spend a little on expert advice. This cost could prove wise and indeed even essential. The good news is that by the time that Mars forms formidable aspect with your ruling planet on March 29th, you should feel the revised strategy is at last paying off. Note however that this date comes between the earlier lunar eclipse and the solar in another of the fire signs on April 8th. Through these two weeks the geomagnetic field is altered and behaviour usually adjusts. You may find that others are not willing to discuss matters which a year ago would have been unthinkable. There is no need to arrive at final conclusion until the end of April but discussions should put you on fresh and more confident financial path.