Sagittarius Yearly 2023

Your ruling planet, Jupiter changes signs every year. In 2023 it moves from fiery Aries into Taurus on May 17. View this as a key date in your personal year what ever your actual birthday. The accent will move from play and fun to determining the work that gives pleasure. This isn’t the only gearchange in 2023. In March 7th, Saturn arrives at the very base of your solar chart whilst on March 23, Pluto moves into Aquarius. Both suggest major changes within your home environment. This may be driven by new neighbours or local travel issues that have your attention. Whatever, anticipate your routine changing. In 2023, Venus turns retrograde in another of the Fire signs. This area accents contacts with those who live and work overseas. Whether or not you’re able and willing to go places, anticipate an adventure to come to a place near you. With the world in turmoil, getting to grips with different cultures and even languages could yet prove a major of 2023. If any sign can cope with this, surely it’s yours.


On March 7, Saturn arrives at the base of your solar chart marking the beginning of a 30 year cycle. And yes, although it’s likely to affect family matters most acutely, the roots of your career will surely be shaken. Obviously much depends on your age, but a strong possibility is that your legacy where expertise and craftsmanship is concerned will be noted. You might even be headhunted (though much depends on your personal chart). The seeds of these developments may be sown after Mars truns direct on January 12th when a business partenrship could form. Careerwise in 2023 it seems you will move into new territory. It wouldn’t be so surprising if, as your ruling planet Jupiter and Pluto form major aspect in late May, that you became involved in another career adventure too. If there is anything to avoid, it is surely legal affairs. Whatever the provocation, it would be as well to avoid these if at all possible.


Costs will almost certainly rise in 2023. Not to be too negative, but the alignment of Jupiter and Pluto at the end of May suggest taxation will be an issue for all signs with some experiencing this more acutely than others. Costs, – particularly of health-related, could rise exponentially. Taking advice at the start of the year and ensuring that you have optimum insurance would be wise. In terms of earning, once Jupiter moves into Taurus from May 17, it may be possible to accrue extra income through working longer hours. This is rarely advisable given the negative or detrimental effects it can have on health. However, this could yet prove a lifeline. Note how that from mid-November, as Mars moves through your sign, it should be possible to make gain. Indeed, before the close of the year, and though you might not manage to balance the books entirely, you could at least plug a leak and make clear that you’re in stronger position to negotiate better terms in 2024.


Until May 17, Jupiter passes through that all-important affairs of the heart area of your solar chart. During that time, Saturn crosses the base of this same chart. And yes, you might wish to make firm commitment. March looks as though it will bring excitement – hopefully something to embrace and enjoy. Events taking place around the Equinox on March 21st should be most interesting. That said, anticipate a bumpy ride as Venus turns retrograde in August. This though, is presumably a storm that you will ride. Of course, it could be that it’s a holiday romance that flavours the year and obviously much depends on your personal chart. No analysis of the year ahead would be complete without mention of the eclipses: in 2023, although these don’t accent your sign as such, there will likely increase the attractiveness of those born under Aries and Libra. In either case, the effect these people have on your well-being – and your heartstrings could be considerable. Enjoy! – especially in the last few weeks of the year, when it seems that your romantic life will move into the fast lane.


You may remember the Chiron is transiting another of the Fire signs – testing the strength of all those born under Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. The transit is not yet concluded. That’s the worst news. Rather better, is the news that Pluto, the planet associated with regeneration, changes signs from March 25. This could bring a turnaround in health matters. Certainly, your attitude is likely to alter. Then there’s Saturn’s Pisces ingress and the high probability of you either coming to terms with a situation, or knowing so much about health matter that you are viewed as an expert and possibly even a healer. What is crucial, is that your Vitamin B levels are kept at optimal level. Given the intensity of pressure at the end of May, it would be wise to ensure that your nervous system is well supported. Yours is one of the Fire signs and you need good quality (i.e. non-toxic) air to thrive. Ensuring this should be at the top of your priority list.


The arrival of Saturn at the very base of your solar chart on March 7 sub, suggests that the roots of the family tree will be altered irrevocably. This could be a good thing. For some this might mean displacement or even a new home entirely. Whatever, your attitude to the domestic environment is set to alter – and dramatically. There is also the high probability, after May 17th of you investing with a relative. Obviously all years have to contain a measure of both good and bad points. Although much depends on your personal chart, it seems reasonable to suggest that as Venus turns retrograde in another of the Fire signs midyear, that news concerning a relative’s test results will challenge your thinking. Concern has to be contained and moderated. By early September, you could be looking forward to connecting with someone who is link to you genetically but about whom you know little (the result of ancestry sleuthing?). It could be this turn of events that alters 2023 and leaves it most memorable.

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