Sagittarius Yearly 2024

True, your ruling planet Jupiter, changes signs every year. But it’s only one year in every twelve when it moves into your opposite sign as it does on May 26. That this comes with an a few weeks of Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus suggests this could prove a year to remember particularly where partnerships (business and romance) and daily routines (career) are concerned. True, you may need to negotiate a crisis – most likely around the Full Moon on August 19. Obviously, much depends on your personal chart but there’s high probability though, of you altering career direction and/or considering a major move. It may be that these are driven by necessity and rising financial costs. Yet it could also be that you’re offered the dream job. Note that before the end of the year Mars arrives in another of the Fire signs in November when you could be in super excited state ready for action. Yet Mars will turn retrograde and it could be halfway through 2025 before true progress is felt. 2024 then should be seen as the year for decision-making, general assessment with high probability of those closest to you altering direction – in turn prompting you to adjust yours.


In 2023, Saturn arrived at the base of your solar chart. This is something that happens every three decades or so and indicated the close one career cycle and opening of another. Saturn is the planet of experience and responsibility. It is likely that you need a more high profile role. Obviously, once again much depends on your actual birthday, but it’s probable that before the end of 2025 when Saturn changes sign, that you will reach a pinnacle. Despite setbacks which could easily have occurred before 2024 got underway, note that after Pluto changes signs on January 20, that there is yet all to play for. There is also high probability between the two eclipses on March 25 and April 8, of your particular expertise being noted and suggested that you apply for a particular role. This could come in a quite unexpected way and lead to even further and more dramatic developments between the end of April and May 26. Thereafter, dovetailing alterations in your life with that of a significant other dominates conversation for the rest of the year.


Until Mars leaves one of your key financial zones on February 13, financial matters could be constrained and difficult to handle. Not knowing precisely where you stand, what you owe and what is owed to you would, of course, be unsettling. Yours is a sign that has a reputation for being careless or rather perhaps too optimistic. It’s not in your nature to monitor cash flow too closely but wise to do so in the first two weeks of February. What should be apparent before the Lunar Eclipse on March 25, is the need for a safety net. This is less about risk assessment, but more about planning for an adventure. As you probably know, Mercury, the planet of commerce turns retrograde three times in any year – which can be tricky to negotiate periods. You could experience the one in August as particularly trying. Indeed, between August 1 in mid-September, once again there may be be far more going out than coming in. Another tricky time would be from November 3 when Mercury has an extended stay in your sign through until early January 2025. The twists and turns and the expenses of this period, which may well be connected with a major move and/or with a significant other, that make putting that safety net in place necessary so as to end the year not too financially stressed.


Relationships should be super high profile – particularly after Jupiter’s entry into Gemini on May 26. Anticipate many, many curveballs to be thrown at you from that date. As has already been mentioned, August looks as though it could be expensive and it may be that it’s then that you feel as though you’re pulling against a significant other. The October eclipse period looks more promising and indeed, this could mark exciting times with a significant other. Adventure driven as this will likely be, it might also require that you consider a major move. Domestically this might require uprooting. This is not something that can be hurried obviously. Obviously, once again, much depends on your personal chart, but this would be no time to play shy. You need to make clear how you see your life journey developing and ensure that the other person understands your priorities and boundaries.


A detox is advisable and should certainly be carried out before the Jupiter Uranus alignment at the end of April. It’s then that your work routine could lead to adjustments to your schedule that make daily routines challenging. This puts the body under stress. You might benefit from a herb (milk thistle?) or an extra vitamin such as B complex (obviously this has to be discussed with a health adviser). Though an overview of the year cannot possibly hone in on particular ailments, it is probable that all Sagittarians will experience significant stress during 2024. Of course, this could be of the most exciting kind. It’s imperative however that you’re well nourished and that you get adequate sleep. This will surely be super important in August. Another period where you will need to take care – particularly of air quality (remember yours is a Fire sign, you need good oxygen in order to operate well), is in the last eight weeks of the year, when having long walks with good quality air would be wise.


Family dynamics are always in a state of flux, but you likely knew in 2023 that you’d opened a new chapter. Adjustment is still taking place, and until a formidable right angle between Jupiter and Saturn takes place in August, unsettlement is likely. Indeed, it could be late October before you feel that you understand altered dynamics and how these might operate. Concern about a younger member of the family and where and how they are to be educated could dominate much conversation. Interestingly, your role as a teacher is much modified. Now, you might need to give guidance as to how best to cope with domestic and emotional change. The majority of signs are resistant to change. Yours is one of the Mutable signs and if anyone can adjust and be optimistic about adapting to new conditions, you can. Even so, you may be challenged in the last few weeks of the year and crave and even demand, the support of someone younger as you contemplate a major move in 2025.

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