Scorpio Monthly December 2023

Every couple of years, Mars moves through neighbouring Sagittarius. As it does, it's normal for Scorpio to feel that far more is flowing out and flowing in. This year, despite trying to put the brakes on hard at the New Moon on December 12, you could yet come unstuck. Mercury turns retrograde and there is high probability of discovering that something that should have been paid for in November wasn't dealt with and that a penalty has been incurred. Yes, you could weep and wail and be furious that admin let you down but that's not to say that the entire month will be a financial loss. Obviously December is expensive for most people - festivals are costly. You may also feel that it's those closest to you who are draining your resources but note that Jupiter turns direct on the very last day of the year and in your opposite sign. From then it should be possible to replenish. In particular, what's agreed between 27th and 29th, should make clear that others are aware of their indebtedness and keen to put in place a schedule for repayments.

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