Scorpio Monthly July 2024

It takes almost a quarter of a millennium for Pluto to move through all 12 signs and so obvious that in some generations, Scorpios doesn't live long enough to experience Pluto's passage through Aquarius (as now). Pluto is one of your ruling planets. Like a plant that needs to be moved to soil with better nutrients, you've likely known since January that adjusment in your career and perhaps even a change in residence is inevitable. Yours is one of the fixed signs of the zodiac. You don't 'do' change easily. It's important for you to assess all possibilities before making your move but could do this month. True, you may be pushed by those who feel the need to know your plans (preferably by the Full Moon on July 21). By then (although much depends on your eprsonal chart) you may have identified a goal. What is probable is the need for asset building. Over the next few years as you effectively repot in new ground, you will need a financial cushion and support. Once the Sun moves into another of the Fixed signs on July 22, making that high priority is probable.