Scorpio Monthly March 2024

There is considerable planetary attention in the risk and speculation area of your solar chart. As of the lunar eclipse on March 25, this is exaggerated. It comes after considerable research has been undertaken. This appears to come in two parts. Prior to March 9 it's all about listening and reading before taking after the New Moon on March 10. Then, by the equinox on March 20th, you should be well placed to take action. It's worth noting that there are instances of financial calamity in the first half of March. Markets have been known to dip at these times. This presents buying opportunity. Key could be March 13/14th. If you've done due diligence, you might then seize bargains. You don't have to be a trader to make the most of this opportunity. You could find bargains in the second half of March. To take advantage of these requires cash and it may be that relaxation of certain restrictions leaves you with a little bit more to play with.