Scorpio Weekly Sunday 23rd June 2024

You probably know that the signs of the zodiac are grouped as Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Yours is one of the latter. Presently the Sun, Mercury Venus, Saturn and Neptune are moving through similar type signs. This energy should be supporting your creativity. Before the end of June, Saturn stations in Pisces. Obviously this affects all signs but, as it accents the research and development area of your chart, suggests a defining moment when it comes to either a hobby or a project in which you are emotionally invested. That this station coincides with the Last Quarter Moon indicates the likelihood of going back over work presented in the last two years and assessing those elements that could yet be recharged. True, that process might not get underway for a couple of months yet, but determining what is valuable could be a useful exercise. It may be that you've already determined (and obviously much depends on your personal chart), that you will at some point need to move or be repotted into more fertile career ground. Selecting the optimum environment could now be high priority.