Scorpio Yearly 2024

You likely know that your ruling planet is Pluto. Pluto doesn’t change signs every year in fact, the last time it did 2008 coinciding with the global financial crisis. And yes, each time it moves into a new sign that tends to be a major global effect. 2024 is unlikely to be any different. Pluto moves into Aquarius where it joins the Sun on January 20. This double transit hasn’t occurred in the last couple of hundred years. I.e. your parents, grandparents and great grandparents didn’t experience this. It’s new for all of us. In your case, Pluto will take up position at the base of your solar chart. Pluto is thought of as the god of the underworld. Anticipate that your roots will be shaken. Actually, the process may have started in the Pluto had a sneak preview into this sign last year. Fact is though, that you now need to be rerouted. Think of yourself as a plant that outgrown its present plot. It will take time to adjust to a new position in the garden. But it’s from here that you can truly flower. Yes, you will likely need extra special tender loving care between now and May 26. After then though, and with Jupiter having left your opposite sign, you can join forces with other flowers in this garden. In fact, the second half of this year, could be super productive. Yes, there will inevitably be challenges there always are, however, with Saturn continuing its journey through the research and development area of your solar chart, there’s high probability of one of your natural almost childhood talents, servicing and becoming both a revenue stream on which you can rely, and an area in which your expertise is recognised.


Sticking with the analogy of you being a plant that outgrown its part, is also probable that your career will go off in new direction in 2024. This should and could be super exciting. Yes, in the process it likely will be unsettling and initially you might wonder what on earth you’ve got yourself into. A power struggle could consume. Yet yours is a sign that we know to have resilience and determination. That might take you some time to settle into a new place, you could then thrive. In fact, the fruits of your tree, could be super super delicious. Expect to become more valuable and valued. It’s worth noting that between February 13 and March 23, that others will be particularly aware of what you could develop. Partnership opportunities could abound between June 9 and July 21. The most exciting part though, is from fourth of November from there and through until the early part of 2025, your career is super high profile. Expect to have others demanding that you be put on their team. Expect to, to receive accolades though true, these might not come until the first part of 2025. It should be obvious though by the end of the year, that you’ve earned your right to these.


In the first half of the year it might seem that your digging ever deeper into resources. Cash flow could be tight. That situation will change by the end of the year, but yes, you do need to get to grips with different types of cash flow. Investing in your own career is always wise. But particularly presently, with Saturn moving through that all-important research and development area you need to focus on your interests and talents. This will likely require investment both of time and money. Others though, may be willing to help particularly between Fabry 17th and March 12 and again, but perhaps with more persuasion between July 12 and August 4. Self investment will surely be super attractive between September 23 and October 18. This covers a solar eclipse period when you could identify bargains. In particular, between October 14 and 18th you could make great financial headway.


As you might imagine, with Pluto shaking your roots, your emotional life could be shaken as well. Yet this could be a year of fast moving romantic development. True, you could feel buffeted particularly by those born under one of the air signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius which times could be overwhelming. Prior to May 26, it may be that others demand more than you feel able to give. You may rightfully, wonder about their motivation. Yet post May 26 and with Jupiter having then moved out of your opposite sign but into an area that is all about committed partnership, you might even be spoilt for choice. You arguably be at your most attractive between September 23 and October 18 again, the same period mentioned above. This should be particularly interesting few weeks. By then, you may have a sense of exactly who you want to share the next stage of your emotional life with. Romantically, it could then be all systems go by the time Mars arrives at the apex of your solar chart on November 4. Though they are likely to be some hiccups in the last few days of the year, it should by then be clear who is supportive of you in your new environment.


Chiron, the planetoid associated with health matters continues its journey through another of the Mars ruled signs. It may be that you’re trying too hard to think and to rationalise. In fact, the greatest health danger may come from the fact that you are not being given enough time to process information. Though obviously much depends on your personal chart and whether or not your feelings and your sinking work in harmony together i.e. the heart and brain pulling against one another, the art is likely to be to give yourself sufficient time especially as Mars moves through another of the water signs from September 5 through until early November, to gain emotional strength. A strong possibility, is that you need more oxygen. Make 2024 the year for healthy air.


Your roots may have already been shaken. Reaching out to both blood relatives and otherwise and determining who you want to support you in the next stage of your life journey is a major theme all the way through until Jupiter leaves your opposite sign in late May. Greatest emphasis though comes later in the year when Mars, one of your ruling planets, begins an extended retrograde period. A strong possibility for those of appropriate age, will be considering where best to extend their education (which might well involve living elsewhere). Another possibility – and a strong one, – is that someone from a very different culture will be drawn into your family life enriching it immensely.

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