Taurus Monthly March 2024

You know that it's time to self-invest and may already be on adjusted career path. The lunar eclipse at the end of this month signals alteration in routine. Transport arrangements may be necessary with adjustments affecting outgoings - for the better. With Jupiter moving quickly through your sign, the need to find answers or solutions to long held issues gathers momentum. You might also wish to revise the commitment and obligations you show others. This may not be something you can afford to continue. With the potential of launching a financial lifeboat around 17th, as early as 21st it should be realised that you have done this in the 'nick of time' and that you have averted further losses. With this, you can embrace the pace of change that comes with the lunar eclipse on 26th. Following that, your inner bull could super charge by 29th leading you to a field of financial opportunity.