Taurus Monthly November 2023

With Mars passing through your opposite sign until 24th and Jupiter and Uranus still in your own sign, new strategies have to be found. At every possible level, it seems that others want to do business with you. Negotiating and renegotiating is probable. It's very likely you'll be involved with higher education or with travel. Either would likely prove expensive. Yet through these avenues, you could open doors to greater riches in 2024. True, these don't have to be financial in nature, but perhaps you need an adventure and the someone to acknowledge your entrepreneurial spirit and develop your interests. With Saturn coming to its station on November 5, you could turn over a new page when it comes to asset management. Investment -wise this might be the time to look at companies delivering dividends. For those not involved in market trading, the accent is very much on local property issues and perhaps, travel arrangements. It may be that costs here need to be reduced before you move forward.

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