Taurus Yearly 2023

Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23 but returns to Capricorn mid June before making complete Aquarius ingress in 2024. The weeks between March 23 and mid June could find your world in upheaval. During that same period, Jupiter arrives in your sign (May 17th) where it forms right angle to Pluto. These two forces will likely have considerable effect. For some this will be about cutting losses. For others, it will be about making forays into a future that even a few years ago was unimaginable. This is the overture to another dramatic change that will come in 2024 affecting all signs. In August, Venus, your ruling planet turns retrograde at the base of your solar chart. For another few short weeks, clearing out and making space for new energies to come into your life is imperative. The enormity of developments will surely leave you imbalanced. Yet it’s not all bad news and obviously much depends on your personal chart. Though perhaps you haven’t envisaged the enormity of the pressures that built through 2022, you would perhaps agree that you are now ready to embrace a new future and yes, to push your career, family, and romantic activities in altered – and rewarding – direction.


On May 17, Jupiter joins Uranus in your sign. If you’ve had entrepreneurial ideas, anticipate these accelerating. Though true, as the weeks through until mid June could find you stretched to the full, it may be that you choose to make major investment and even prepare a legacy during this time. It all starts in the last week of January when, after months when one planet or another has been retrograde, the traditional planets are all viewed in forward motion. This includes Saturn that has been transiting the apex of your solar chart. It’s now time to build on the expertise you’ve gained over the last 2 1/2 years (yes, against almighty struggles). You will surely now be seen as an authority or expert. Once Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7, be prepared for others to ask you to take on positions of authority. You could ask for time to consider options. You perhaps need to determine how much acceting this responsibility would compromise your other aims. Noting that Venus turns retrograde in August, you could ask for a trial period before you agree the fresh terms that will likely begin mid-October as Mars passes through your opposite sign.


It’s highly likely that your financial world be will be shaken by events taking place between May 17th and mid June. You may find that you have to deal with taxation issues or estate planning. There is also the question of how much more you’re willing to invest in an entrepreneurial project. The art is to pace yourself. Investment requires sound risk assessment. There is the danger during those few weeks, of your judgement being off. Further, during August, it could be argued that you will need time off to consider what you deem as essential and what no longer holds value. With the financial world likely in turmoil throughout 2023, it could be some months before there is stability. The process could find you dealing with rising rates and prices. It will be difficult for anyone to maintain balance. However, yours is a sign known to have financial acumen and not at all impossible for you to conclude the year having balanced the books. But yes, process could find you financial-tightrope-walking and yes, during those critical weeks mid-May to mid-June, ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’.


It’s entirely reasonable to anticipate that in a year when Venus turns retrograde (as it does through August 2023), that affairs of the heart will run less than smoothly. Think back to the beginning of 2022 when Venus and Mars formed a small series conjunctions. This too likely brought romantic turbulence. These two planets reach the First Quarter phase of their cycle in early February 2023 when you might choose to think carefully about how much more you’re willing to invest in a partnership. It could be that having negotiated rocks, you are excited about the future and willing to make any necessary alterations. It might also be that you’ve identified elements that you want to incorporate into your life. Your heartstrings perhaps need to play different tunes. Though much depends on your actual birthday, there’s high probability that making further to your romantic sails will be necessary through August and early September. That said, many people will surely want to spoil you. Specifically, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces friends and colleagues, understanding what you’ve been through in recent times, may be ready to develop your friendship.


The stresses and strains of the last couple of years as Saturn transited the apex of your solar chart could now be revealed and health issues require attention. It may be that your diet needs to be better controlled. Certainly, with Venus turning retrograde midyear, you need to give thought to sugar intake and whether or not this needs adjustment. You may also find that your feet need more attention. Saturn moves into Pisces from March 7th, and arguably – given the need to do more walking and more exercise, – it may be that choice of footwear requires care. Perhaps most important of all, as Chiron continues its transit of neighbouring Aries, is to give thought to your spiritual health and what could be improved. What’s likely imperative remembering that Jupiter moves into your sign on May 17, is to contain weight gain.


Family dynamics are ever-changing, but in a year when Jupiter in your sign, and positions at right angle to Pluto, you could expect more drama than usual. For the last couple of years, Saturn has been transiting the apex of your solar chart, and no doubt you’ve carried extra responsibility. It’s not exactly the case that you will be relieved of that, but it could be that others are now ready to give more support. They do though require you to teach them the ropes! In those very tense weeks between May 17 and June 10, anticipate discussions about legacies and long-term financial planning. Jupiter’s transit of your sign could see your family expand too. With Venus spending an extra long time at the base of your solar chart in the summer, welcoming new members to the family is likely. Uprooting might not be something you want to consider, but with your career developing, it may be that relatives suggest that a move should at least be considered as an option on your radar.

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