Taurus Yearly 2024

Jupiter may be the largest planet in our solar system but it spins on its axis every eight earth hours. It’s a stormy wild place. As it continues its move through your sign until May 26, you could feel as though you two are going through a whirlwind. Opportunities should be plentiful. Contact with those who live and work far away increased. Anchoring your plans will likely not be easy. In fact, that could still be a couple of years away. 2024 though is a year of distinct two halves. The first half could find you fascinated by the antics of others and how they seem to be organising their lives. From May 26, it’s you who might have fingers in many pies. Note too, that at the end of January, Pluto enters Aquarius and the career angle of your solar chart. At both the domestic and the career level, your world will alter. Taurus is a sign known for resilience and determination. You don’t change horses easily. You need to be persuaded. The cosmos has probably been asking you to do this since at least March of last year. Now, if you haven’t made changes, it will doubtless make them for you. Anticipate having to dig deep into reserves but know that when you do, and with an altered worldview, you are building a future of which you can be proud. Your community spirit is set to rise to the surface and others will no doubt lean on you. In short, 2024 could be a year of high drama and fulfilment.


As of January 20, Pluto moves into your career zone. This is the planet of upheaval, change, regeneration and revitalisation. If you haven’t already embarked on a new career path, anticipate the cosmos demanding that you do so. Putting your best foot forward on this new path should be easiest as Mars moves through your sign between June 9 and July 21. This date could in fact be highly significant. The powerbase that you’ve accrued most probably since 2008 should now be obvious to all. Anticipate more than one person wanting you on their team. Yes, it is possible that you will be headhunted. In fact, it could be argued that that promise has been waiting in the wings for 2 to 3 years but emerging now as a viable option. Remember, that for the last decade, Uranus has been moving through your sign and your entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t been so far from the surface. Throughout July, building your powerbase and showing that you can develop an extra revenue stream should be obvious. Your career then, by the end of 2024, should have a very different shape to the start of the year.


Jupiter demands expansion and until the end of May, the focus has to be on you and your well-being i.e. self-investing. Of course, this has been true for some time. But decisions taken towards the end of April should set you on new financial course entirely. From May 26, Jupiter moves through a key financial sector. As you might imagine, this brings with it whirlwind activity. The cash flow is likely to be fast and furious. The danger area is between July 21 and September 5. After then, focus has to be on protecting assets. You may endure a few scary moments through October when it seems near impossible to balance the books. That though, could lead to a crisis in early November when once again you might need to dig into resources but bring to the horizon a joint financial partnership that would make significant difference to your world and your financial well-being in 2025.


Obviously much depends on your personal chart, but with Pluto’s entry into Aquarius, the Taurean emotional world is set to be shaken. True, this is most likely to come about through progress at work. Even so, you might now be considering domestic arrangements, and how changes would improve your emotional and romantic life. Like a plant that been repotted, you perhaps need time to adjust to new ground. You don’t want to rush into a new partnership but find that from May 16th to 23rd that romantic activity is considerable. A further burst of romantic potential should come just after the New Moon on September 3 and last for a couple of months. A new partnership might require that you consider very carefully where and how you want to live. That could be a significant challenge at the New Moon on November 1 and remain under discussion until early 2025.


The combination of both Jupiter and Pluto having significant effect on Taurus, suggests your well-being could be compromised through excess activity. You will need to take care that you don’t deplete yourself of nutrients so that the last two months of the year become health critical. Obviously, as always, much depends on your personal chart. It’s probable however, that many Taureans will run short of vitamin B through 2024. Stress management techniques should be top priority. Eclipses very often mark alteration in destiny. You’ve been through a whirlwind which is only now beginning to subside. It’s now imperative to restore your batteries. Holiday or even several holidays or breaks in work commitment should be considered healthful. In particular, between August 5 and 29th you perhaps need to take an extra break. Nor should your mental well-being be ignored. Ensure that you surround yourself with those who have negotiated significant challenge in the last 10 years but who know that failure often acts as an energizer, and be there to support you as you move into new areas.


Of course every sign needs family, but some more than others. The dynamics within your family looks set to change dramatically. Expansion is probable. Initially though until the end of May, focus is on existing members and how you each adapt to altered circumstances. Then, towards the end of the year from the New Moon on November 1 there’s the question of how you could move in harmony. It may be expedient to review how you each work and play and perhaps, even redefine working areas within the home. All this takes place against the background of very different financial currents. What seems likely is that you will pool resources in order to make substantial alteration in 2025.

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