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Virgo – An Earth and Mutable sign: approx 23 Aug – Sept 22nd

  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Day of the Week: Wednesday
  • Colour: Green and Brown
  • Gemstone: Diamond
  • Famous Aries: Aretha Franklin, Elton John.


People born under this sign strive to be efficient and of service to others. They harness practical skills with natural versatility and adaptability. They often find themselves ‘multitasking’ but can sabotage their own best efforts by taking on too much. They are driven by a need to ‘get it right’, and can become distressed in the final stages of a project if they feel hurried and under pressure. Similarly, in striving for perfection and method they can become dissatisfied when things do not go to plan. They work hard to arrive at good conclusions and discriminate and filter information in the hope of finding the perfect solution to a given problem. They enjoy the creation of routine and feel safe when clear systems are in operation. This approach results in their productivity running at an even level. Employers appreciate their ability to be prepared for every eventuality whilst those born under this sign enjoy the company of those who behave professionally. They are intolerant of those who seem lackadaisical or thoughtless.


Virgo people tend to be nimble. They enjoy movement – both physical and mental. They excel in compiling and filing and data systems are safe in their hands. They notice flaws, mistakes and chaos and do their utmost to bring organisation and order to every situation. Sometimes they are described to as the great ‘washer-uppers’ of the Zodiac. They know that keeping on top of every situation will stop chaos developing at a later stage. They respond well to having lists of tasks or chores to do and rarely ignore detail.

They have highly tuned nervous systems and, as a result, can be brought low by even minor changes in the environment. This can mean susceptibility to allergies. Their sensitivity to air currents can result in hyper-sensitivity to changes in weather patterns. At such times they may become anxious and this can lead to health difficulties. As they age, the Virgo person recognises the need for regular health checks. They are not hypochondriacs but like to maintain an efficient working system.


They make good friendships with those born under the signs of Taurus and Capricorn but may enjoy the emotional bonds offered by Cancer and Scorpio. As with any sign, they form relationships with people from every sign. The great proviso in a partnership is that the other person can make them laugh.