Virgo Monthly April 2024

Financial shocks and surprises are promised for all signs of the zodiac this April. In your case, Mercury's retrograde status all month - and moving through a key financial zone suggests that challenges will come through joint financial matters. Partnerships will be under stress. It may not be all bad news. The solar eclipse on April 8 offers a fresh start, but might get off to a stuttering one. The really big news is what occurs on April 20 when Jupiter and Uranus align in Taurus another of the Earth signs. This rare alignment in this area of the zodiac promises considerable excitement. In your case, accenting as it does the expertise area of your chart, you may find that you have a gift for juggling funds that you would never have suspected. You may also find that tax breaks are available. Yours is a sign known to give full attention to due diligence. Yet there are times when you don't see the wood for the trees and require assistance. Seek that mid week especially on April 11 when the Sun and Mercury conjoin in that key financial zone. You may be able to initiate negotiations which, next month prove rewarding. The art this April is to stem any leaks, conserve assets, and accept that the financial currents are changing. As is always the case, maintaining a safety net is crucial.