Virgo Weekly Sunday 12th May 2024

Last month, Jupiter and Uranus aligned in an area of your chart that is all about broadening horizons. With that fire now lit, it's probable that you're dealing with matters philosophical, legal, or connected to higher education. This week just what is and what is not open to you should be apparent. Yes, you might also be on collision course - most probably with an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius who feels you should have taken action before now. However, by not acting precipitously you may be able to negotiate a better deal. The accent is very much on observing how other people handle information. Yours is a sign with a just reputation for applying due diligence and attending to practicalities. Yes, it's also true that you can micromanage. It's essential that this trait doesn't get the upper hand, and that you focus on the long-term strategy. In this respect, and by playing the long game, you could be primed and ready for when Jupiter moves into another of the Mutable signs at the end of this month when it's very likely that you will need to divide time between two places.