Virgo Yearly 2024

The dominating theme in 2024, is Saturn’s continuing journey through your opposite sign. Saturn you may remember is the planet of responsibilities. It’s also the planet of rings and no surprise therefore, that relationships are high priority during a Saturn transit. Obviously much depends on your personal chart, but all Burgos will surely be considering both boundaries in existing relationships and what commitments they want to make in new ones. On top of that, the eclipses of 2024 highlight fiscal responsibilities and joint financial management. The year begins however, full of dreams and potential adventures. Realising these though will take considerable effort. Note that after maze 26, Jupiter begins its journey over the apex of your solar chart. This is work career expansion takes place. True, since yours is one of the mutable signs, this high probability of you being offered more than one position. This also in 2024, the high probability of you doing more writing or engaging more in discussions and debate.


Obviously much depends on your personal chart and the effort you put in in recent years. However, this high probability of your career being high-profile particularly after May 26. A crisis could occur around August 19 where you required to make a choice. It could be that two jobs are offered. The crisis might well involve determining if you’re going to let down one person. The last thing you would ever wish to do would be to be disloyal. However, soon after your birthday and having dealt with a likely delicate issue, your career could indeed go off in fresh and exciting direction. This could be literal. Travel is promised in the last quarter of the year and could bring you into contact with people from other cultures each of which enrich your life in ways that at the start of the year seem impossible.


Eclipses can be thought of as punctuation marks. In 2024, these suggest turning points in your financial affairs. Joint finances are very much under scrutiny. Working with others can of course be beneficial. Yet extreme care should be taken in August when navigating financial issues could be super challenging. In terms of investment, the optimum time would be around January 23. Note that just a couple of days earlier and alignment of the sun and Pluto in an area of the zodiac they haven’t visited together for over a couple of centuries, marks the start of a real push towards an artificial intelligence revolution. The data management of this and the security needed, will bring certain sectors into prominence. These could prove attractive investment propositions. It’s normal however, for Virgos to look further tangible assets. Precious metals could appeal. Obviously tremendous care needs to be taken here but there is probability, of experiencing positive asset management in November so that you close 2024 feeling marginally better off than at its start.


With Saturn patrolling your opposite sign, relationships are set to be high-profile. Couple that with Jupiter’s arrival at the apex of your solar chart in the weeks before your birthday, and there’s high probability romance playing key role in 2024. It may be though, that you experience singular opposition from a relative who is unhappy with your choice of partner. Those who are not interested in romance but definitely interested in friendship, similar situation could arise. You may find that others are less than happy with your choice of playmate. What marks 2024 out as being particularly interesting in this respect, is that the alignment of the sun and Pluto in Aquarius at the start of the year suggest your attention might be drawn to those who are in some way different. Eccentric even. Yes, it could be that an Aquarius attract your attention. Is perhaps more likely that you’ll be captivated by someone who is definitely breaking into new worlds of thought and is clearly embarked on exciting adventure. It might suit you to join them.


It is said that Virgos can raise worrying to an art form. Certainly, you do seem to have incredibly sensitive nervous systems and tuning to so many different levels that it’s hard for your brain to differentiate what it should be most concerned about. With Chiron, the planetoid associated with health matters continuing its slow journey through an area of the zodiac associated with the head, headaches could yet prove a problem. You need to be able to believe clean, fresh air. This should be viewed as imperative particularly during the eclipse period is in April and October. Obviously much depends on your personal chart, given the extraordinary pressure on the Virgo charts at the full Moon on August 19, it might be wise to do good health checks in the preceding months and to boost your nervous system with vitamin be in case you are depleted in that area.


With Jupiter’s arrival at the apex of your solar chart from May 26, family matters move to prominence. Jupiter is after all the planet of expansion. At the very least, you could feel enveloped by a group or association who see you is very much one of their key family members. That’s not to say that you won’t experience family drama. This could happen between the full Moon on August 24 and the solar eclipse on October 2. The background to this may well be financial and concern about how best to invest.

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