Virgo Yearly 2023

Throughout 2022, most signs were challenged to maintain all systems whilst also embracing new methods. This book many on collision course. The challenge in 2023 is somewhat different. The arrival of Saturn in your opposite sign from March 7, suggests others will try to pin you down. For a few short weeks between March 7 and mid-May, anticipate the burdens to be heavy. It will likely be convenient for others for you to accept certain responsibilities. This might not be fair but just the way things are. In March Pluto begins its long transit of one of your works zones. That presumably will bring with it alteration to your usual schedules and timetables. Negotiating this will be tricky. However, mid-May Jupiter arrives in another of the Earth signs and through until the end of the year, there should be ample opportunity for you to both spread your wings, and show willingness to acquire new expertise. You would be an unusual Virgo if you are not at least offered the opportunity to travel out of your usual comfort zone.


Your career will surely move off in fresh direction with others recognising your recently gained expertise. They now know that they can trust you with certain information and that you have their best interests at heart. Anticipate that over the next couple of years, that you will move up the career ladder. On July 10, Mars arrives in your sign leaving their on 28th August. View this as the optimum time to push forward. True, initially it might seem as though you’re pushing against a brick wall. However, if you are to show courage this would be the time to do so. You could also. Break through barriers, show others that your multitasking abilities are proven and that you’re worthy of greater respect


It’s reasonable to expect a global financial tsunami as both Saturn and Pluto change signs in March. This could be linked to the arrival of a digital dollar but certainly, the waves of decentralised finance will surely affect all. This could be extremely distressing to Virgo’s like to understand precisely what’s going on. It may be that you could’s accelerate your understanding of this field in the first three months of the year. By the time Mars reaches your sign mid July it might even be felt that you have expertise that is valuable to others. Note too, that in 2023 Jupiter begins an extended transit of another of the Earth signs, Taurus. The implications here that you could enrich your life through both extra study, and also through commercial negotiations with those who live and work far away. International connections are set to blossom. Financially then, you could end the year at least in balance


Obligations to those of another generation could limit romantic activity after Saturn arrives in your opposite sign on March 7. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy romantic activity and likely will do in late July throughout August. It simply that the demands of others may be considerable. What’s urgently needed, is compassion and understanding. Relations with those born under the water signs of cancer, Scorpio and Pisces may be particularly important. Is also worth noting, that a tendency to cling on to the past and in fact to relations which have outlived their usefulness, could delay the start afresh romantic activity. Is likely important though, that you can conclude a relationship with Grace before moving on


The planetoid, Chiron, is associated with health matters. In 2023, it continues its transit of Aries drawing attention. Whilst obviously you would need to discuss matters with a medical practitioner, it could be that you run short of iron of folic acid and require replacement. Another area of the body of interest in 2023 concerns the feet. Ensuring you have the best quality footwear would be wise. You might also consider reflexology treatments as a way of maintaining good health. Your nerves may well be stretched as Mars travels through your sign from mid July to the end of August. Ahead of this event, it would be wise to do whatever you can to support your nervous system. In the final quarter of the year, attention is rather different, from the new Moon on November 12, you could consider a detoxifying program.


From March, and for the next couple of years, Saturn moves through your opposite sign suggesting that at some period and obviously much depends on your personal chart, the responsibilities will weigh heavily. These could easily be linked to the care of someone from a different generation. This of course may be no bad thing, you might welcome the opportunity to play a more active role. Certainly that’s likely after May 17. Yet this could put bring major challenge as Mars travels through your sign mid July and to the end of August. Further stresses are possible in September and again in October. On a more positive note however, as Jupiter moves through another of the Earth signs from May 17, the potential for expansion family increases. Again, much depends on your personal chart, but it’s not at all impossible that the will be exciting news to celebrate before December 21.

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